how to Wear Oversized Clothes

Gone are the days when women were only dressed in tight-fitting clothes. Today, among the fashion trends there are heads of large, but not too comfortable. Many women, however, do not know how to wear oversize clothes also because it is difficult to get a fabulous silhouette, wearing baggy clothes and casseroles. Here are some helpful tips to follow.

      1) Find the balance

The key to success with large clothes as described in maxi clothing is keeping your balanced look. Mix the right clothes, if you want to be fashionable without looking sloppy.

2) Make combinations with tight heads

To find the balance, opt combinations with narrow heads and slim. If you are wearing an oversized sweater or coat, stay away from baggy jeans and opt for leggings or skinny cut trousers. This will help keep your silhouette in a proportionate manner.

3) Use the belt

If you are worried that the oversized sweater will make you look fat, putting a belt around the waist. This trick will also help create the illusion of a curvy silhouette and sexy image, even when you’re all bundled up.

4) The rule of one at a time

This means that you can wear only one large piece at a time. If you have a large sweater you can not combine it with an oversize coat, otherwise you will look a little girl who is wearing her mother’s clothes.

5) Boost your height

When you wear an oversize head, wear heels and a pair of pants that make your legs longer is a must. This creates a proportionate silhouette, without being “swallowed up” by clothing.