How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

The boots over the knee, translated as above-the-knee boots and abbreviated as OTK boots (OTK boots), are an accessory trend that gained fame wearing some famous and now fell into the graces of the looks of fall and winter. If before this boot was seen as a bold, sexy item today on the look she gives a super striking effect, cool and full of attitude. As in any piece of clothing, there are no restrictions on the use of this shoe. To inspire you, a couple of how to wear boots over the knee.

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How to use over the knee boots with pants of the same color
The boots over the knee can have the function to shorten or lengthen the silhouette, according to In the case of the pants that have the same color of the boot, largely of the time are black leggings, the effect is to lengthen. This combination is ideal for girls who are afraid to use the over the knee and get lower appearance.
How to wear over the knee boots with jeans
The jeans when combined with the boot over the knee becomes a basic look a modern type, you don’t need anything else. The hint of similar tones to elongate the silhouette still stands in this case. If this is your goal, opt for darker wash jeans. Your pants clearer give a divided in silhouette. What is not necessarily ugly, as shown in the photo. If you don’t care about that image, if you play in this look.
The tip to ensure comfort to wear jeans with boots over the knee is choosing the skinny models or more fair, so the boot fits better and you feel more comfortable.
How to wear boots over the knee with short
Although the most convenient to use the boots over the knee be when temperatures are lowered, combine them with shorts give a visual even more cool. The piece of skin that is showing between the end of the boot and the short bar is the charm of this look.
The top bet on shirts, jackets and sweaters, the overlay layer of these pieces play vanishing point’s look for the bottom.
How to use over the knee boots with skirt
Time combine over the knee boots with skirt there is no fixed rule. This combination also gives an effect of longer legs. She looks good both with the more soltinhas, both with the most fair. To keep the grace of piece of leg showing, ideally be shorter skirts. On colder days, you can invest in a pantyhose.
How to use over the knee boots with dresses
If you thought a visual with more romantic was out of the question when it comes to boots over the knee, the dresses are there to show that it is possible to produce romantic looks using the boot. Or not, some brighter dresses and righteous are the perfect combination for use over the knee in an evening of ballad, for example.
That use a shorter length to leave the skin on display also goes for the dresses.
How to wear boots over the knee with baggy t-shirts
Until the Springfield baggy t-shirts and sweatshirts and long have your time in time to wear the boots over the knee. The result is a look street and sexy without being vulgar. Since the shirts are so long that end up covering the short or the piece that’s underneath.
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