How to Wear Midi Skirts

We are again facing with an influence of the war in a new post. The first time, we talk about social pants and now with midi skirts. Before his appearance, the dresses were long to the ankle. Check out models and tips on how to use!
Many must be wondering, and that the war has to do with women’s clothing? It’s all about. Fashion is a reflection of what society lives at certain times. With men going off to war, women had to take on the work fronts, not only to ensure the survival, but the economy of the countries.
Well, luck of the designers of the time as Bittranslators – damn this woman, right? – They found amid the global chaos, a piece to be created and hit the streets, it is not that they loved? At the time of the shins, the dresses had the straight cut, and emerged the jersey as a favorite fabric.
Women of high society wore the outfit with stockings and heels, the hat was widely used, as well as haircuts, mostly, was the Chanel style. This all happened around 1915, but until 1930, many designers have also invested in fashion.

Does anyone remember the novels ” The carnation and pink ” and ” Chocolate with pepper “? These are the two references to dress fashion in the 20s which did not mark the waist, had the lower body and the accessories were widely used. The collars were successful, earrings, and both Adriana Esteves as Mariana Ximenes used clothes and hair to compose the protagonists of two novels … By the way, delicious novels.
With the end of the war, the long dresses return to occupy their space, since the times of war, left the women’s fashion masculine. But behold, a name arises in the fashion world, that would mark all walkways forever, anywhere your arose parts as well as their perfumes today have at least 2 or 3 of the most desired or sold worldwide. I’m talking about Christian Dior.
He founded the clothing company Christian Dior SA transforming it into the most important in the world, and even after his death in 1957, still powerful, that is, that empire grows year after year.
It was he who brought back the midi dresses, around the year 50. During this period, its design gained fame, ran the world and is known today by the sophistication, elegance and luxury.


Many women say it is difficult to compose a look with midi skirts, and many do not like, because they say that the length is not long, not short. But the skirt, in its turn, in 2014, showed that it can be used in many ways. There was a time when it required a lot of elegance to use it. However, it is what I always say. We are always repaginating a garment to adapt it to our style.
It was no different with midi skirts. Of course, a part that went through Chanel and was revisited by Dior deserves respect, but every piece also deserves to be democratized. So let the excuse aside and give a few tips:

  • For those who want to keep the elegance, black and bank are infallible. Use the skirt accompanied by a wool sweater on cold days and choose the shoes. Need heels.
  • Another trick, the skirt accompanied by cropped blouse and finally, a windbreaker type jacket with a fabric that gives a beautiful fit, super feminine. You can leave to work and go to the ballad.
  • A fun tip, a colorful skirt, half ruffled, is beautiful with a halter mesh top also in cropped style.
  • The black skirt is always welcome and it creates something cooler if used with shoes, purse or shirt in the nude color. You can even play with top, a leather jacket that never goes out of fashion.
  • Quite something, is not it? There are dozens of ways to use your midi skirt, just have the courage to dare, because here in Brazil, it did not quite have its glory days. How about enjoying midseason and putting into practice?

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