How to Wear Long Skirts

The long skirts are back to rage in recent years in all their variants. Whether monochrome or fantasy, a siren or pleated, long skirts are versatile garments that, when worn with a certain style, may be suitable for various occasions and events, whether elegant or not. To not fall, however, in some stylistic mistake, here is a short guide on how to wear long skirts to enhance your physical features.
Pencil skirt: This is the skirt that falls straight from the waist down to the ankles. If you have a physical dry and rangy, this type of skirt, will give you a very elegant look and will help propel your figure. If you do not have very narrow waist, or have the pronounced hips, avoid this type of skirt if you do not want to be more clumsy and lower. The board, in general, is to wear, under the pencil skirt, intimate that no signs but which models a bit the silhouette and, finally, are recommended shoes with high heels that slanceranno your figure. On the contrary, they do not recommend flat shoes, for example, the dancers, because the result will be anything but elegant and refined.
Based on internetdict, the full skirt was an item of clothing in great vogue in the 50s and is back in fashion again. Reach to mid-calf, it will give you a typical air of the’ 50s but beware: if you have a slender physique, this kind of skirt put enough out your hips, creating the classic hourglass silhouette typical of those years. So, choose carefully the shoes which match it: to avoid are the dancers while they recommended the Mary Jane with square heel; please note that if you opt for a long, knitted lengthen the torso and crush your shape: therefore, better to move your choice to a blouse and highlighting, as well, their backs.
The pleated skirt or pleated skirt, is one of the skirts ever more difficult to bring. To wear it serve long legs and sit up and hard. If you are among the fortunate to possess these two requirements, the pleated skirt one will take you to perfection; otherwise better to opt for another model that best fits your fitness.
Skirt gypsy: it is the classic skirt wide under which, the most insecure women, hiding his legs. I’ve flounces or is embroidered, the gypsy skirt, has the great defect to enlarge and lower, usually, the physical conformation. It is recommended a little to all as it truly fits a few people.
Hi-lo skirt is long skirt down to her feet back and very short front. Fashion was a few years ago and has now returned. This skirt emphasizes the hips (even to those who gave them to us not) and calves, but in the last period, it is very trendy. Also beautiful shoes with high heels, will help us to minimize any defects and, consequently, to feel more at ease.
Monochrome skirt: the skirt of a single color allows you to do lots of tops, shirts, shoes and accessories, or whimsical, it is also ideal for a gala evening when paired with the right accessories. But be careful as always to the colors: light colors tend to enlarge while dark ones to streamline. This kind of skirt is easy to match.
Skirt fantasy: the fantasies help to make a leader more youthful and fresh. Be careful, though, not to fall into the ridiculous: the prints will be appropriate to your age and well-matched colors with each other. Opt for large prints if you want to point to camouflage your mole, for the most minute prints if you want to highlight your hips. The flowery fantasies have a kind of bohemian, a vaguely hippie taste, then, bring them only if you feel a bit romantic or eccentric. The geometric designs are able to give you some size smaller.
Now that you have discovered the secrets of long skirts, you can replace the usual trousers and dresses and you can give a final green light to the skirts. Warn you: once you try the long, you never will go back!