How to Wear High Waisted Jeans

It is important to know how to match the high-waisted jeans saw that these are among the most glamorous clothing chic. Include one of the fashion trends of spring/summer 2016, so you know how to approach them to perfection in jerseys and shoes is vital, if you care to be more delicious at every opportunity. 
You have no clear idea? You do not know which are the best outfit to be realized? Don’t worry! We reveal a series of high-waisted jeans look from which to take inspiration.
Crop top and jeans to vita high
Many times we have explained that to match crop top perfectly you need a piece of clothing that has the high life. In this case our trendy jeans for spring/summer 2016 are just right. If the weather is not summer yet, we suggest you combine a cardigan or maybe a beautiful kimono with colourful patterns.
Shirt and high waist jeans
There is nothing better than to match the high waist jeans in a nice shirt, which is colored white, black, or even fanciful. You might bring the blouse in two ways: inside the Pant, so as to have a more refined and a more slender silhouette, or outside, for a more cozy but still cool and practical.
Oversized shirt and high waist jeans
If you don’t want to find yourself too, if you do not want to highlight the hips, abdomen and side b, a good solution is to wear high waist jeans with an oversized sweater. Depending on the season you choose the model you prefer, from a long pullover with a maxi cardigan to a top big and even asymmetrical.
Pullover and jeans the vita high
Do you know how to create a look with a sweater and high-waisted jeans? Wear it outside of the pants is the most obvious and, I remember, it’s never wrong, but if you want to try something new, we suggest you tuck your shirt inside the trousers: you don’t have to put it fully, otherwise you risk creating the effect doughnut, which nobody wants to see, but to enter only a small strip, usually a part of the front.
Lace top and high-waisted jeans
If you are looking for a nice and elegant look, maybe even a little sensual, you might wear high waist jeans with a lace top. Take one of those that are part of the world of lingerie, put it inside the trousers and paired with a jacket, which can be a blazer or maybe a peplum model, and you will see that you will be able to conquer the person who so wish.
T-shirt and jeans to vita high
Finally, the idea easier to accomplish is to match a t-shirt to your high-waisted jeans. Go well all shirts? Yes, all of them can work fine with this type of trousers. At most we can suggest to wear a clear to pair with dark jeans, and maybe one black or almost with faded ones. Add some colorful accessory and you’re done.