How to Wear for a Funeral?

The elegance and restraint are in order to choose an outfit for a funeral. To learn how you dress to go to a funeral, read on!

A Color in Accordance with the Situation

If black is still the favorite color for a funeral, other colors are tolerated during the ceremony. You can wear navy blue, gray or brown, but avoid colors too flashy. According to the beliefs of the deceased and his family, it is even possible to wear white to a funeral: this color symbolizes life continues, and celebrates the joy of life of the deceased. But beware: ask well with the relatives before choosing a white dress for a funeral. In general, do ignore the printed even discreet. Sobriety plain fabrics is more appropriate for this type of ceremony.

Keep It Simple

A funeral is obviously not the right opportunity to showcase your wardrobe. Whatever the season, adopt an outfit that covers your shoulders and legs to the knees. In summer, turn to such a canvas trousers and a light blouse or a top worn with a veil to cover your shoulders. And avoid plunging necklines too! If you want to pay their last respects to the deceased through your outfit, you can wear a scarf or jewelry that you offered. makeup side, adopt a style nude with some foundation, a slight touch of mascara and, if necessary, a little lipstick to natural hue.

Think Practical!

Elegance also means attitude. To not get noticed by the sound of your steps or risk falling, leave the high heels in the closet. Prefer a pair of flat shoes, you have taken care of waxing beforehand. Also remember to take with you a pair of black gloves for the burial of the coffin, a black umbrella and a packet of tissues. Sunglasses are allowed to hide your sorrow, provided choose a discrete frame.