How to Wear Cardigany? /Cardigany Fall 2011

Slowly approaching autumn and we beg complement t-shirts and vests sweaters and light jackets. What must already have tested in the past year very favorite cardigan? You don’t know how to wear it? Read on and you will learn that there are several types and many ways to wear a cardigan.
With shrinking temperature we all mostly feel that also decreases the rate of elegant appearance. You can stand in the neck or in the old vytahaném the sweater, but not in the stylish cardiganu.


Sweaters and especially cardigan as described in gradinmath is a very suitable clothes for layering. Dress up the thrust behind her shirt over it and a long cardigan with a belt. Very nice they look light floral dress with cardiganem, which reveals the front part and thus the whole dress and belt once again emphasizes the small waist. Less romantic cardigan with buttons at the front, you can wear an elegant silk blouse or tulle dresses. Experimenting and maybe you’ll discover a new look.

Cardigan and jeans

They look perfectly skinny jeans, a shirt and a long cardigan, wear boots or ballet flats. A touch of the past will ensure shorter knitted waistcoat and trousers with wide legs. Increased passport, that touches the end of the vests, to fine-tune the wide belt with an interesting buckle.

Add a trendy belt

A longer cardigan is almost always accompanied by an interesting band, with which he can get a completely different look. It’s a simple way to lengthen the legs and highlight the WaSP waist. But watch out, it depends on the location, and it should be high, in the place of the Passport.

On or unbuttoned

Can you wear a Cardigan on, half-unbuttoned or completely unbuttoned. For a more casual look, leave it unbuttoned, sensual appearance ensures half- unbuttoned cardigan that will expose the admiration of your cleavage and accessories. Like a good and exemplary schoolgirl you will act in a dress with a fluffy skirt and completely on- cardigan sweater.

Cardigan for men

Cardigan you can wear the shirt or even a simple shirt. If you want after the aristocratic appearance, look for cardiganu with a shawl collar. Also note that not only in women’s collections are appearing this year Norwegian designs. Cardigan may not be just for the buttons, but you can also try athletic kardiganu.


Black, Brown, white and beige are neutral colors, this forms the basis. If you love color, try the cheerful colours, lane and other interesting patterns. Before you but some such an extravagant piece you take, think about whether you have suitable accessories.