How to Wear: Band T-Shirts

Hard to imagine that girl ever had a band as inspiration. It is also difficult to imagine that the girl never felt like expressing this enormous feeling for her heart band. Some, like me, have found a way to show this love through the shirts.By the way, every girl I know has at least one in the wardrobe, whether it’s recent or teenage time.
Bad is when we look at the much-loved T-shirt and … what do I use?Your style may have changed and it does not fit your tastes anymore.Wants to know?Yes!And in a way that can adapt to your style, no nonsense!
For heart rockers, the shirt can be worn in a caricature look, with what we see most of the streets at the moment:tacks, leather, black, torn pants. For the feminine good, you can wear with high waist skirt to balance the aggressiveness in the look! Just coordinate the colors of the shirt with those of the accessories. Not to mention that it is possible to customize it by cutting bars or sleeves, making applications and etc … to leave it any way you want!
Where to Buy:the paulistas are lucky to have the Galeria do Rock (envy!).But t-shirts are very easy to find at any CD store.
1. Short-sleeved T-shirt
2. Band shirt with pants
3. Band shirt with jeans
4. Band T-Shirt with Leggings
5. Band shirt with skirt
6. Shirt with plaid shirt
7. Famous with band shirt
8. Agyness Deyn wearing band shirt
According to, t-shirts are already part of the personality of the model!See her style here !