How to Wear a White Shirt For Men

A woman who loves fashion finds inspiration everywhere, even in the closet of a man. Whether your brother, dad or boyfriend, all men have a white shirt with a lot of structure that a woman can skillfully exploit. Here we give you some ideas!

Look 1: A look for the day
He is wearing the white shirt with jean shorts and high shoes. Use the trend that is super trendy in your shorts: print flowery!
Remove the sleeves of the shirt for two reasons: first, because it is cooler in summer and second, because by showing your wrists-a very delicate part of your arms-, you will give a more feminine air to the outfit.
Choose some taco shoes, they will make your legs look super long.You can also choose platforms or platforms. To play with the proportions, combine this look with an XL portfolio, as well as a large sunglasses.
We recommend wearing your hair tied in a ponytail – a style that makes you look very fresh and youthful – or in a ballet dancer’s bow.Since the shirt is the protagonist, with its large size, we want everything to be kept clean.
1.5 version:  This shirt is wide and you will not be adjusted, another option is to balance it with a pair of skinny jeans. That Yes, lets see your ankles: this is the thinnest of your legs, so to display them will happen the same as when you let see your dolls look takes more feminine air. If the jeans are not sufficiently short, do not hesitate to little constricting them.
Look 2: rocker
If you want to achieve a more rebellious look, this shirt will be your ally.It’s the sleeves to the elbows to show your forearms. This stylized figure automatically.
Match the shirt with a pair of leggings. That Yes, check that the leggings are thick enough or that shirt is sufficiently long not to betray the color or shape of your underwear.
Since it is a rock ‘n’ roll style, have fun choosing leggings with interesting designs. These Denimlab follow the trend of Black and White. You can choose ones with studded or jeggings.
As it is already hot, it carries this look with a flatter Mary with applications of metal, which will give you comfort but not deducted the rebellious look. In the cool nights, you can take over denim vest.
A cross hand is a convenient way to carry your stuff, but it is also a subtle way to mark your waist.
To close the look, you can paint your mouth red, a little mask, and you’ll be ready for a concert or a night of drinks with friends.
Look 3: A little more formal
To achieve this look, choose a notched tube skirt. This one has sequin applications, for example. Since the shirt is not revealing, do not be afraid to choose a miniskirt.
Here we recommend you to wear the shirt inside the skirt. Again, roll the sleeves to show your forearms and take advantage of the hard structure of the neck to lift it, is a very sexy detail. You can open a pair of buttons to show off a nice necklace.
As a formal occasion, you could choose a pair of stilettos or a pair of sandals. It is a smart decision to have a pair of nude sandals in your closet, as these, as they are with everything and will get you out of trouble. Close the outfit with an eye-catching clutch, whether it’s colored, animal print or with rhinestone applications.
We recommend you wear your hair in a low, very feminine, and smoke and eyes, to add sensuality.
And you, do you have any other ideas for wearing the stylish white men’s shirt?