How to Wear a Jegging?

Jeggings, Treggings, leggings, as well as they are called, in spite of the comeback of Bootcuts in the current streetscape still see everywhere. These tight pants emerged from the idea of ​​making leggings Denim. Currently, they are in all colors and materials to get with or without pockets, buttons, zippers and other details.

These pants are very comfortable and are close to the body. With this garment you can bring your figure particularly well. The result was also the misconception that only thin women can wear these pants. Even if you have a few extra pounds, you can wear these pants, you just have to know how to combine them. For example, select a firmer Denim and avoid accentuating pale spots and washes that undesirable sites. Combine a deep blue or black jeggings with a long sweater or tunic and wear boots or sneakers underneath.
Black Jeggings with glitter, leather or suede details can be combined very well for special occasions. The black leggings is also perfect for a chic look and is a real must-have . With pumps or high boots, you are ready for every party.
Finally Jeggings are also suitable for the spring and summer months. Light Jeggings in bright pastel colors or with printing a perfect fit for summer tops and blouses. With sandals or flip flops you are well prepared for any summer day.