How to Wear a Business Suit

Today we live in a world where appearance is ranked first among the conditions for success in his career. Maybe some of you would argue that, but to have education and professional skills, unfortunately not enough. The clothing is very important – it has the ability to attach weight to persuade.
Businesslike attire – both men and ladies play an important role in our daily lives. And if you do not know enough specifics him, we could not take advantage of its benefits. That is why in this article I propose to meet with the composition and elements of male business attire.
Looks Outfit Business Man
Usually male clothing must adhere to strict (which should not be understood as something trivial and outdated), unobtrusive and restrained tone. The requirement for such an appearance, which reassures and makes a good impression.
The bright colors and unconventional patterns irritate the eye.
Traditional men’s clothing is usually dark suit (black, blue or gray), whose style is tailored primarily to figure. For preferably young business men dress suits 100% wool and shirts that are made of cotton fabrics. And rather should seek simplicity and moderation rather than avant-garde. Although lately requirements to suit passed slightly to the so-called. “Casual” style ie daily. It features stripes, squares and different combinations of colors.
One very important element of businesslike attire is jacket preferred by MBA shorted by thembaprograms. His collar should cover the neck tightly and extends about 2 cm. Above it. The back of the jacket should not make any folds and the shoulders should be slightly wider than the man himself. The sleeves should reach the middle of the wrist and not wide more than necessary. The length of the jacket usually has a length that should close the seat.
As for the pants, it also should be better aligned with the figure – should not be wider than necessary, nor too tight. Its length is good to reach the start of the heel. You will not go wrong if, when buying a duplicate suit pants. The second will serve as the first wear and jacket still you do.
Shirt today will not necessarily be exclusively white. Can be in different shades or stripes, but must be tailored to suit. As mentioned above, must be made of cotton fabrics, free and by mid zipper. The cuff of the shirt should be displayed on the sleeve of his jacket to 2 cm.
One of the most interesting elements of the business attire is a tie. With its history is under constant target of universal attention. Classified as one of the most erotic elements of male costume, she not only complements the look but can radically change it. As wrote in his treatise “The Art to Wear tie”: “The man has a price, as the price of his tie. Tie, it is he himself, through it reveals its nature, through it demonstrates its spirit.”
Tie again depends entirely on the size of the figure and the face shape. Wide suitable for big men – with free unit.The narrow suitable for frail people. It requires tight knot hanging straight down to reach the belt buckle. There are several ways of tying a tie: a simple node, dual node diagonal node “Windsor” and others.
For those of you who are experiencing difficulty with tightening the knot, you can try one of the ways by following the steps below:

  1. Take the wide end of the tie;
  2. The wide end is transferred to the narrow and right hand wrapped bottom of the narrow;
  3. Once again, the front is transferred wide on the narrow end;
  4. The broad transferred through the loop and pulls;
  5. Then passed through the front loop and pulling down;
  6. With one hand is pulled up knots, taking the bottom edge and slightly tightens.

Something ends male business attire are the shoes. They should be in line with the costume and be absolutely shined. The shoes are divided into several types, but the most preferred are those with connections. Socks should be matched with shoes and seating must cover the legs. Never shoe black shoes with white socks!
If you have difficulty with the combination of colors, you can follow the options below:
Suit: gray
Shirt: white, blue, pink
Tie: any color
Shoes: black
Socks: in tune with tie
Suit: gray
Shirt: white, light pink, ivory
Tie: dark blue, red and black
Shoes: black
Socks: Black
Suit: black
Shirt: White
Tie: silver-gray, red and black
Shoes: black
Socks: smoked black
Suit: Dark brown
Shirt: white, beige, light pink
Tie: green-brown, red and black
Shoes: brown
Socks: coffee, burgundy
Suit: navy
Shirt: White
Tie: white-red-blue
Shoes: black
Socks: dark blue, dark burgundy
Suit: tmnozelen
Shirt: ivory, light pink
Tie: red-green-brown
Shoes: brown
Socks: brown
Yet, when all was said here before deciding how to dress, the business man must be responded to one question: “Who, where and why you met?” It is important to know under what conditions will negotiation because it is not always appropriate to wear a suit and tie to put. If accurate business attire is required for a business meeting or conference, then such toilet becomes undesirable for workshops or improvised conversations with workers, miners and so on.