How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

The Bomber jackets have returned and with more force with never, overflowing style and creativity, and that is why we are going to dedicate this article to propose garments that perfectly combine with these exclusive and modern winter jackets. Do not miss it and write it down, because here we leave you some ideas both economical and simple to combine with the greatest glamor possible your bombers.
1) High waist jeans: Like the Bombers jackets as described in, the retro in other garments has returned. Nothing is better with a Bomber than a high waist jeans, above the navel and combined with a short top or with lace and transparencies. This look, combined with a daring and casual hair, like a lofty top locket, will make you feel like a fashion diva; A retro diva.
2) Leather Leggings: For the fiercest and daring, the Bombers look fantastic with smooth black leggings or some shiny zippers where the front pockets of trousers should go. This look, along with a soft make-up and long, loose, natural hair, will surely make you feel comfortable and secure, inside the big retro sling that is shaking the fashion world this fall-winter.
3) Tube skirts: Another essential, inexpensive and basic garment that you can find in any store are the magnificent tube skirts. They are great combined with a bomber, and gives a sophisticated touch and the most feminine, retro yet fine. This look, combined with earth eye shadows, purple lipsticks and black crystal stockings will keep you from the trending. Pure trend.
4) Bright shoes: Of course, we cannot forget in this short list the velvety or shiny shoes. The designers have turned the platforms around and now they wear wide base heels and height combined with a retro fabric like the velvety or bright colors. This trend is retro and avant-garde, and is perfect to combine with a smooth bomber or with hand-stitched designs and novene patches.
These are the four ideas we give you. We hope you liked it, that you have noted and do not forget about it when you go shopping. If you are a fashion lover and you feel melancholy for the eighties and nineties, you cannot miss this opportunity, because we are exactly in the most retro season for many years.
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