How to Wear a Bolero Jacket

The eye, you know, wants its share, in fact, our first business card is ourselves. Treat your own look and stay fashionable is an important aspect to be integrated into society, the working environment in the purely comic fashion. For example, in this guide we will see how to combine a bolero style jacket, a very versatile for us women, ranging from elegant to casual.
You need
Be sure to have on hand:

  • elegant bolero-style jacket jeans casual option:-elegant shirt or blouse
  • elegant bolero-style jacket casual option: white shirt-elegant dress-dress-matching accessories
  • sports facilities: elegant bolero style jacket option-jeans-shirt-vest-boots

For a casual combination. According to bittranslators, you have two options available to you: one that sees the combination of an elegant bolero style jacket in contrast on a more daily as a jeans and a shirt with elegant accessories and high-heeled shoes strictly; the other choice, instead, may be exactly the opposite way that sees the juxtaposition of a bolero style jacket less demanding but matched on a beautiful elegant skirt and a shirt with slim fit also boots and half-leg. This style is suitable for a reception, a meeting or an appointment a bit formal but not too much.
For an elegant combination. In this case the word is style, the combination will have to be done only with elegant garments such as dresses or evening dresses, black pants, white shirt and classic strictly. All the stuff is to be surrounded by elegant accessories are earrings, bracelets or necklaces. Regarding the choice of colors can you even match the bolero style jacket to footwear so as to break with the rest of the dress. Opt on elegance you will need if you must attend galas, party, big business and formal ceremonies or invitations.
For a sports match. If, instead, you have to show off your jacket so special and beautiful just to go around doing services (go shopping, go to the post office, pick up the kids at school etc.) but you want to feel beautiful and stylish too, so you can match it to the tight jeans model cigarette or denim skirt, if you prefer, to put it near a very comfortable hiking boots or platform shoes. Shirts or colored shirts are also much better paired with a multicolor bag in tune.
Independently, however, the type of approach by making some small rules to keep in mind: in order not to penalise the figure do not wear jerseys too wide or long, always look out for those who arrive at the waist to be more slender; Choose jackets bolero effect in tissues softer if you have already spoken to not score even further the defect, vice versa, however, for those who have smaller shoulders you can dare with straps and more substantial fabric to maximize its expression.
Never forget:

  • If you have an important waistline aimed at another model as this type of jacket accentuates the shape of half-body solarium.