How to Walk Really Well in Heels

Nothing is more glamorous for a woman to wear heels, but it is clear that it is not innate to know walk with. Here are five tips to help you to walk in heels like a fashion show.

hoose well your heels

To walk right in heels, you need to exercise. The important thing is to choose high heels in right size and train step by step, according to topb2bwebsites.

  1. Choose first means heels, if possible with the ankle maintained (eg boots)
  2. To switch to a heel of about 8cm, first prefer the wedges that give you the impression of being flat
  3. Then, go for the high heels and platform, which will reduce the curvature of the feet.For more elegance, choose hidden platforms inside the shoe. You can get in cheaply through the benefits Spartoo , online shop shoes.

As for accessories, use silicone half-soles that allow you to be comfortable in your shoes. They will prevent your feet from slipping and to warm up.
Consider also the dressing stuck to the back of your foot to prevent you from suffering with your new shoes.

Perfect your step

We do not walk in heels as you walk flat … This is the basic rule. In fact, the error wearing heels is adopting the wrong approach, giving the impression:

  • walking on eggshells
  • to be vulgar
  • to be uncomfortable

General case

To avoid this, do not lose sight of the following tips:

  1. I throw the leg forward
  2. I put the heel, toe in the air
  3. I put the feet and balance the other leg in the same

Then do not make too big strides which would increase your approach. Finally, never crosses his legs when walking in heels! In short: we do not walk in a straight line, but in two parallel lines, bit remote: one by foot.
For a harmonious whole, think up straight and lift your head giving you a slender look.

Particular case

It poses NEVER heel first when walking on cobblestones or when going on an air vent. In this case, and only in this case, the opposite approach is adopted: tip / tip / tip …!

Train yourself !

Do not be tempted by the heels for special occasions if you’ve never worn before, this may be a complete fiasco…
Anticipate: a few months earlier, start with your boots and work out on the approach. Once acquired, go to Wedge.
With the offset, make small regular daily trips to get used to the height of the heels and well integrated approach to take. The idea is to feel comfortable.
Finally, do the same with your heels / platform shoes. Always with short trips.And to do, vary the soil. If you can start at home, the flat floor gives you the insurance. But then go on tar to go to the bakery and finally on paved for your evenings with friends.
There you go! You will be fully prepared for the big day of the look in heels at a romantic rendezvous or professional.