How to Use the Tablet Mode on Windows 10

One of the coolest things that have been improved in Windows 10:00 pm over Windows 8, it was the touch and controls the resources used by them. One of the best examples is the tablet mode, which makes the whole system to dedicate themselves and focus on the use of the touch screen so really useful and functional, something that older versions of Windows still could not do very well.
Generally, the tablet mode can be activated easily by those who have a device with touch screen, is a hybrid tablet and notebook or a normal computer that has the screen with touch sensitivity. This allows the user to have more ease in the handling of the device, and can use various controls for gestures and multitasking functions. To learn more about this feature and how to enable it easily, just check out our tips below!

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Using tablet mode on Windows 10

Different from the approach of Windows 8, Microsoft decided to invest in a more intuitive way to present functions and features that use and advantage of touch screen devices or hybrids of notebooks with built-in touch screens.
With that, the tablet mode of the system has been improved from the previous version of Windows for the latest, leaving everything simple and easy to learn. So much so that when this mode is activated, the system changes in different ways so that it can be functional for the user, knowing he doesn’t have features like a trackpad or mouse to move in programs or apps installed on the device, for example.
There are two easy ways and different to enable or disable the tablet mode on Windows 10, depending on your need on a daily basis, there’s a clever mechanism of the system itself which detects if there is a keyboard connected to your device, for example. If the system finds that there’s a keyboard connected to your appliance, the tablet mode is activated at the same time without you having to do anything.
This is very useful in the case of hybrids especially, as the apparatus of Surface line, but end up not hitting the notebook with fixed keyboards that have touch screens. In cases like this, you can enable the tablet mode manually and use the device this way even with the use of a keyboard or mouse.
To do this, open the start menu, select “settings and choose” system “in the new window that appears.
You will see several options, as you can see in the image below. Among them will be the “tablet mode”, which is where you should click.
Then, simply click on activate to enable the resource at the same time and without any difficulty. As you can see from this same screen, you can change some basic settings of the tablet mode, as do Windows remember how you were using when you turn on the computer again and if you want to hide icons in the taskbar when this mode is enabled, for example.
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With the tablet mode enabled, you can use it as you wish and disable it in this same way at any time. Pretty simple, isn’t it?
If you want, check out our video and learn also to use the tablet on Windows:
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