How to Treat a Silk Blouse

There are some heads of very beautiful dress is to be seen what to wear. One much loved by women in particular (but not only), is the silk shirt, light shines with sparkling colors or just white. But this head besides being beautiful, is also very delicate especially as regards the washing. Usually silk garments are brought to the laundry but you know that you can wash your precious blouse at home? Using fact, the small but necessary steps, your loved garment once washed, will be bright and shiny, just only ensure that it can be treated with water and do not need a dry cleaning. In this guide you will find all necessary advice to properly treat your silk blouse.
First you need to know that not all leaders silk can be washed with water but someone needs of the dry cleaning, especially because the printed fabric, may discolor. Then make a try and immerse a hidden corner of your blouse according to, in a basin of water and mild detergent. Then with a white cloth to dry the part. If the color is transferred to the cloth, then it means that the blouse must be brought to the laundry.
Once your beloved boss does not bleed, I will put in the washing machine, inserting it into a retina so that it does not tear during washing coming in contact with other garments with buttons or beads. Remember when you wash the shirt, not too loaded the washing machine, but you put in the basket up to two kilograms, so that you do not crumple too. Remember to select the washing program of “silk” and adjust the temperature of the cold.
If you decide instead to wash by hand, fill a basin of warm water and use a mild detergent for silk and then immerse the head by rubbing slightly on the dirty parts. Let it soak for no more than half an hour and rinse thoroughly under warm running water but never hot. Gently twist the shirt still dripping with water, place it in a terry towel and dab it to extract the excess water. When you spread, place it on a hanger plastic and not of wood because it might stain. Buttoned buttons and place it so that it does not take wrong folds then put to dry in a ventilated place, but not in direct contact with sunlight.
When dry, if you need to be ironed then you need to set the temperature of the iron on “Silk”. Then take a piece of cloth, preferably white and place it over, first on the neck and sleeves and stretches, then it will go to the front and then to the back. A little trick is to not put the iron in contact with the silk. Now here is ready to wear your blouse.