How to Travel in Style and Comfort

There are moments and occasions of our lives where comfort is paramount, for example, when making a trip is very important to choose pieces that you provide comfort above all, especially when it comes to a long journey, where you will have to spend hours and hours sitting, is on the bench of a car, bus or plane. However, many people relate the word comfort with relaxation, on the contrary, it is possible to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Do you know how? Check out the tips!

What to use to travel in style without losing the comfort?

To travel you need to compose casual productions, but the pieces chosen will depend on a lot of the style of each woman. The only detail that must be taken into consideration is the fabric of the pieces chosen. The tissues need to be of quality and fresh pieces to let the sleek, but at the same time with a touch of freshness. Preferably choose pieces that are made with molengos fabrics such as mesh, for example, are perfect for composing productions to travel, do add a lot of comfort. If you want to choose clothes to other tissues, tricôs, sweatshirts, silk and cotton fabrics, can be really nice suggestions.
The jeans is one of the most used pieces for travel, but try to choose a denim with enough stretch, because usually leave the lighter fabric and soft, making the moves. Or choose pieces in jeans, but more larguinhas, like the pants and shorts boyfriend. A nice option of productions to travel in style and comfort is to opt for more free tops and combines them with leggings and skinny jeans. Perfect suggestion to travel in style without leaving the comfort of side.
For women more feminine that not give up cute and delicate parts you can invest in dresses for travel as well, but the shorter models and righteous are not recommended for travel. Prefer the dresses with large moulds and models more free and loose to the body, preferably close to your knees in length or size maxi dresses. The skirts are not very suitable for traveling, because usually bother during a long trip, unless you invest in the long skirts, can be a great suggestion – see more on
The tip I give is always load in the bag a jacket, sweater or a Cardigan, especially if you are traveling by plane, because the time always tends to change or the air-conditioning is often too strong. The Cardigans yield extremely stylish productions, but you can change the Cardigan by jackets to sweatshirts or flannel shirts, no problem.

And the footwear? Which model to choose?

In relation to the shoes, without a doubt, the heels should be abolished. The best option is the shoes back, IE not have jumps, like shoes, boots, sneakers and oxfords. If you like a lot of jump and can’t live without it, invest in sandals with jump platforms, because they are more comfortable than shoes with thin heels. After choosing the appropriate parts and footwear, complement your production to travel with good accessories to make the visual even more stylish.
Remember to use your common sense in time to compose productions to travel in style, for example, search for watch the combinations of colors, proportion of parts, as well as length and volume. If you have questions about what to wear, get help for someone who understands the subject, or check out the pictures below with cool suggestions for travel in style that can serve as inspiration for you. Then just enjoy the trip with great style and comfort, misspending.