How to Tie Your Sneakers in Different Ways

Tie your sneakers in so many different ways? Sure you you will find all the ways to tie your shoes and make it new every day.
Midseason, time sneakers, comfortable shoes and versatile, casual or elegant, good road companions for many times of the year. The risk is that we get tired of always seeing them at our feet, but the secret is … change them without changing them.

Just put the laces to the shoes creatively, knot them as only a catfish would know to do, or replace them with ropes, belts, chains and, again, use rubber bands, to make your of “sneakers slip on “. Iamhigher will show you some unusual and original way of putting the laces to the shoes.
How strung them usually? The most common is that in which, inserted the two lower holes, one end rises diagonally last hole towards the ankle, while the other makes a zigzag in the right and left, in such a way that the loop outside of the shoe to appear horizontally. A nice variation can adopt it by bringing down a few holes of the end of the strap that you brought up right away, so tying your shoes in the middle, on the instep rather than the caiviglia. (Riding bow)
If you like the minimalist style and want to tie your sneakers without staple, simply leave the ends of the laces tied to each other inside the shoe while you pushed up from below the tourniquet to another, with little movement in horizontal and vertical, nothing diagonal (hidden knot)
Diagonals you like so much? You just have to pick any, slipping the noose at the base of the shoe and then climbing up and descending, using only diagonal lines, going to create a nice decorative interlacing (latex) or, more simply, zigzagging from bottom to top, without latch (display).
Perhaps there you had never thought of, but another possibility is to twist the two ends of the strap together, like spaghetti, between a hole and the other, for a lively effect (twistie).
All of these variations you can use them even if you do not know how to tie your sneakers high , with the sole focus of shake well only when you have already put your foot, otherwise it will be difficult to do so enter.
Other fun possibilities are those which gives you use two color laces different for the same shoe, placing them at a distance of a hole and creating the same reason braided, with the two colors. To achieve the effect colored bar, should bind together two different colored laces means and proceed by passing a first end, then the other.
It takes a lot of creativity and good taste, but if you can devise a way to add a chain to the shoelaces, the result could be interesting.
You can use a colored rope to replace the snare, giving an unusual touch to your shoes.
With a rubber band instead of the traditional lace, sneakers can become slip on, that fit ie without the need to connect them. The easiest way is to sew, once strung as you wish, the two ends of the elastic on the back of the tongue.
Always with the use of rubber bands there are many variations, designed for small children, but also suitable for adults witty. Or use a ready set to connect the sneakers with rubber bands
And, if you are very lazy, you can also wear sneakers without laces, being careful not to lose one like Cinderella , and get on the b