How to Take Care of Your Custom Sweater

Obviously the sweatshirt is the joker piece that we take with gusto to use in the cold of the djanho (as they say here in Curitiba). But let’s just say there’s nothing better than wearing a warm sweater? Especially if it’s customized!
And well, after leaving it stored for a long time, the piece ends up getting an unpleasant smell and that is why it is important to wash before using. And there is not much secret, do not play her in the machine with neutral soap or do the same handwashing. And do not forget to avoid using chlorine products because it can stain and damage the fabric, and the seam, of your beloved piece. And when it’s dry, opt for airy places.
Do you know that label that comes with information about the piece? It is very important to know what each item means to better understand what the essential care each piece needs – or you still have the option to ask someone to look after the laundry in your home. But if it is you who do this service yourself, and you need help with it, relax, we help. Just give a bizu at the top of the text and save the image for consultation!
Remember that each piece needs particular care, and it is very important to follow the recommendations on the label or the manufacturer!
We hope these tips will help you take more care with each fashion piece of sweaters in your closet. And if you have any tips on how to wash, iron and make clothes last longer, send them to us!