How to Store Jewelry

Ranger jewellery can easily be a nightmare, so here are a few simple solutions so that it does not turn in the hardware store.
To you too tired to forget most of your jewelry, simply because you don’t see them? This kind of incident happens to me almost every week, and I’m
often afraid that my metal lambs feel neglected. Then join our jewelry!

Store jewellery: false good ideas

-The box simple: a box lambda, it is insurance to about 99% that you’ll never find the necklace you want while you’re already a 12-minute delay on your next bus.Wholesale: promiscuity of jewelry between them (attempt to reproduction but also cannibalism, which explains why each earring became suddenly lonely), risk of tangled necklaces and chains, relative obscurity with respect to depth of the said box, and too lazy to search.
-Compartmentalized jewelry box: good for nostalgic girls (many boxes of this type have a sentimental value to their owners), no need for worthy mothers of a large family of jewelry. The small bunches for storing rings when there are twenty, it’s starting to get a little hot. Not even talking of the earrings that have no suitable storage.
-Let them live their lives, to the cool: your jewelry, as I know, never asked to become hippies against their will, and will commit suicide under your vacuum cleaner, your broom, the bag garbage, or still under the claws of your cat. I have warned you.

Store jewellery: necklaces and bracelets

Store this kind of jewelry is a daunting task: they are hard to fit, since they are often long, heavy, and tend to become a mass informs how inextricable jungle if you don’t organize them a minimum.
-Chic version: the jewelry tree is the simplest and the most focused solution deco. It is a metal structure composed of arabesques or branches. Asked her bracelet or her collar on a branch, and it can hang without too much mixing with others. You can also put a little heavy necklaces, it won’t fall off the tree.
-Small version space: if you don’t have room to bother a display of this type, there are the small hooks at hooks to hang your jewelry. Then hang it on a wall, on the door of a small cabinet, everything is permitted. Only downside, avoid to place where there many movements, to avoid dropping the necklaces all the time. There are also tinkering it yourself for the brave, with a Board and some hooks.

Store jewellery: Earrings

Hell level storage practicality, earrings objects tend to lose their home, lose a Pearl or two, and losing their twin. To store these jewels, just well hang, highlight, as a mini-dressing to visit in the morning.
-Chic version: the carousel to earrings. There are some kinds of small carousels to quietly put his pairs, that is fixed by hanging by the attachment of the earring. You can immediately see all the loops, can just as easily fix chips or the dangling type models, and it doesn’t take a lot of place (you can ask his carousel on a dressing table).
-Home-made version: In a frame without the glass, get a background that we like, and then on top we stretch a mesh to small holes. You can then hang loop through hole FishNet, it holds well and is fast enough to do.

Store jewellery: small amount but great diversity

You’re so no want to invest both in storage for earrings, and in storage for necklaces and bracelets. Yet Let’s put these jewels! Two objects chosen to organize:
-Multi-function display: there holes to attach loops and hooks to fix the collars.Note that the rings are also very good on the hooks! It takes little relief, so perfect against a wall, and it holds.
-Micro Showcase: It can store rings and earrings at the bottom, then her necklaces at the top. We can try to redo one at either through a former key (found in the attic voids) showcase that we retype a bit.
And you, how do you store your jewelry?