How to Stop Heartburn in Pregnancy

Pregnancy causes some less pleasant symptoms, one of them heartburn . Some pregnant women do not even feel it, others feel it until the day of delivery. There is no miracle solution, there are some medications and behaviors that alleviate the symptoms, but should always be taken with medical advice.

How to Stop Heartburn in Pregnancy

Pregnant women often feel burning in the chest area behind the outside, is called heartburn, which can get worse when lying down or after meals. Here are some tips on how to stop heartburn in pregnancy.

Main Symptoms of Heartburn

Symptoms range from pregnant to pregnant, among the main symptoms are burning in the esophagus and throat and feeling of poor digestion.

The muscle at the entrance to the stomach shrinks during pregnancy, allowing food mixed with gastric acids to be pulled up causing a feeling of discomfort.

Tips to Avoid Heartburn in Pregnancy

Avoid lying down within 2 hours of eating.
Avoid eating too much.
You should avoid fried or very spicy foods, especially at night.
Drink a glass of milk before bedtime.
Eat slowly and chew the food well.
Sleep with your head up, use one more cushion.
If symptoms persist, talk to your doctor.

5 Tips to Fight Heartburn


Eat plain bread or crackers of salt water. These foods help absorb the stomach acid that causes heartburn.


Mustard. It seems strange, but some pregnant women guarantee that a spoonful of mustard relieves the symptoms of heartburn.

# 3

Almonds in shell. Chewing and swallowing almonds in the shell helps relieve the burning sensation of heartburn.

# 4

Maça, another trick used by pregnant women. Eat slices of apple before bed to wake up without heartburn.

# 5

Ginger works as a toner for the stomach and to relieve heartburn.

For those who suffer from this problem does not cost to experiment.

Share your tricks with the other pregnant women.