How to Start Swimming for Beginners

Swim after biking and hiking just about the most popular sport in Flanders and the Netherlands. Swimming is good for your health and your figure. But how do you get this condition? How should I start and how do you keep up? Want to 250m or 1000m swim?Then start swimming for you!

What Start Swim

You want to improve your fitness, but you do not want to brave harsh weather conditions? By starting to Swim campaign, you can enter a new sporting challenge. By lifting force of water, recharge your joints in swimming and will hardly reduces the risk of injury. The goal is to either 250 or 1000m to learn to swim, depending on your current level of swimming. You can now swim 25m, then you train for the 250m. Are you a little more practice and you can already 100m, then you get a schedule for achieving 1000m.

How Should I Start?

Swim Technique
A good swimming technique is obviously important ?? efficiency?? swimming. This means that when you use the proper swimming technique, you lose less energy on unnecessary movement and thus will swim faster. There are DVD?? s explaining these techniques include starting and turning points.
Training Schedule
Training?? s walk normally about 10 weeks depending on your available time. You train on average twice a week.ISB has two schedules ?? s worked for you, according to your own objectives, can be downloaded from the training schedule
Group lessons
Swim you do not like to be alone, but you prefer to be coached? This can. Send in your pool or Start to swim classes.On the ISB website you can find a list of the province participating pools.
When you have at least half an hour per day sports, consume your calories. Did you know that when you swim a lot more fat than burn while walking or cycling? Therefore appetite when you come out of the pool.

Some Tips To Persevere

  • As with most sports is advisable to choose fixed times for your training. This avoids the double-established businesses
  • Choose a couple of days and times of day when you can really take the time to swim. You can then switch to start training
  • Stick to your training: do not go on that front. The schedule?? s made by specialists who know how to slowly but surely build up your fitness. Respect rest
  • Each start is difficult. Persistent needed, especially during the first weeks. Search possibly a training partner to swim together or someone who manages to encourage you.
  • Send in your pool or group meetings are organized: this can be an additional motivation.
  • Are you also tired: manage any training on, this is not a disaster. Cock afterward called the thread back to where you left off.
  • To avoid a full, but also an empty stomach before swimming. Drink enough for swimming. A piece of fruit after swimming is healthier than candy


The book Start to swim with Evy Gruyaert based on training schedules prepared by the ISB.