How to Sew An Oilcloth Tablecloth

Before Sewing You Have to Buy-Tips

Consider before buying the fabric of oilcloth, that they would really like. Maybe you want to sew two wax paintings to change?

  • First measure your table and enter appropriate compensation for the overhangs of oilcloth.
  • Take your favorite tablecloth necessary as a model and measure it all.Note the dimensions for purchase. But Convert 2-3 cm on all sides, as an added seam allowances.
  • Oilcloth fabrics can be found in any hardware store and furniture stores.But also in the departments of handicraft department stores like Karstadt, for example, you will find appropriate materials.
  • Test the equipment, it should be as gentle as possible, so that the wax layer does not break when folded.
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Sew is Tablecloth-how it works
A table is always a nice gift-especially when they individually …

  • Also check if the wax overlay your comfort zone.Finally, you eat every day on your oilcloth.
  • Think also about what colors would fit into your interior.Small pattern or bit patterns seem more calm, while bright colors and large patterns can be agitated or even aggressive.
  • Let the material cut in business, so it is accurately determined.


Sew the oilcloth is

  1. Set the sewing machine, thread a matching colored sewing thread, then you can start almost.
  2. If your thick oilcloth and closely enough, then you should move to the sewing needle.Take a thicker needle in accessories and exchange them easily by machine.
  3. Make sure the fabric oilcloth was really straight cut.You can compensate seam irregularities.
  4. Look at your model carefully and choose from a straight line is where you are based.
  5. Then start in the back of the oilcloth.You know how you gave seam allowance on each side. Now place the board twice, so exactly this seam is sewn.
  6. It is important that you sew the front of the canvas, so that you see the model and acknowledge Nähfehler immediately.The trouble is, when sewing fabric evenly repeatedly fall back down.
  7. As a beginner, you can do by removing the seams with pins before sewing.
  8. No Sew edge at the end, but stop the machine in front of the cross seam.He beat the cloth around and hit the corners diagonally discordant just a small piece in the seam of. Then sew the edge to the end, hold again, the needle remains in the fabric and turn the fabric 90 degrees with the fixed needle as a pivot. Now you can easily sew the next seam.Proceed around the corner as well.
  9. The turning of the corners, you can stake out the already prepared Saumumrandungen, sewing works exactly the same way, but is somewhat faster.