How to Put Baby to Sleep

In the first months of life, putting a baby to sleep is not always easy. And there is nothing more difficult for a mother and father to see their baby crying and not being able to calm him down.

How to Put Baby to Sleep

If you already have a child, you certainly know what it’s like to wake up at night with the baby crying and not being able to make him sleepy.

Besides the child is obviously not well, it is also not easy for parents, full of sleep, to hear the child’s uninterrupted cry.

In this article we will explain some things you can do to put your baby to sleep, whether it’s bedtime or when he wakes up in the middle of the night and he can not stop crying.

First of all, it is important to understand the cause of crying. There are several possible, ranging from hunger, a nightmare, or colic

There are others, but these are the main ones. If the reason for crying and waking in the middle of the night is starving, then the solution is obvious: you have to feed him.

However, not always the mother can soon give him to eat, or sometimes he is not at home. So what to do in these situations? When the baby is still very young, you can give him water with a bottle, which will calm the hunger a little. Of course that’s not enough, but it allows you to calm the baby until the mother can give you suckle. And with her tummy full, she’ll soon fall asleep.

To sleep a baby at bedtime, or to wake up at night with a nightmare, then to put him to sleep will first have to calm him down. For this, nothing better than to sing a calm melody, or else, tell you a story in a quiet and serene voice, while you swing it.

If you’re crying, it may take a while, but if you stay calm and quiet, the baby will stay.

Finally, if the reasons are colic, then it is normal for the baby to cry a lot and have difficulty sleeping. There are remedies in the pharmacy for this, but often they do not take effect soon enough.

Thus, a good way to relieve cramps a little and allow the baby to fall asleep is through tummy movements in the clockwise direction to help the gases release.

You can also stretch and shrink your baby’s legs several times while pressing the belly to help the cramps pass. Once relieved, the baby will fall asleep quickly.