How to Put a Formal Table

It’s a mystery to many people. How to put a formal table, according to the label? Begin to use so many cutlery, plates and cups that are there? Few know or have any idea of how to act in these cases. So, the Guess of Luxury you teach! There goes our tips for you to make beautiful at lunch or dinner.
To mount a formal table silverware should be placed according to the dishes to be served. That is, the knives, the soup spoon and other Cookware that doesn’t require another auxiliary silverware should be placed on the right side of the plate (e, f, g).
The forks that accompany the knives should be placed on the left side of the plate (a, b).
Finally, there are the silverware for dessert on top of the dish (i, h): the spoon more arrival at the plate with the handle to the right, and the fork just above the handle to the left (i, h).
The dishes should also be stacked in the order they will be used: what is lower (the) is what corresponds to the last dish to be served, while what’s above will match the first course to be used(m). As will serving dishes of food, removing the same.
Hunches Deluxe:
-All knives must have the blade facing the plate and have the cable lined;
-The plates must be aligned at Center;
-The forks can be aligned by teeth or by cable;
-The napkin should be placed on top of the dish or the right side.
-The cups (in the example: white wine, red wine and water) must be placed on the upper right side of the plate (p, r, q), being aligned with the knives. The cutlery knife must have meat to your front glass of wine reserved for the meat dish as well as the other.
-The bread plate and the butter knife placed in the upper left side of the plate (l, j), the butter knife always pousada on the plate and never on the table.
-The oysters and seafood fork is the only fork that can be placed on the right side of the plate (on the right side of the main forks).
-The water Cup (p) must be placed directly above the knives.
-Normally should not be placed more than three pairs of cutlery.
Always Add a special touch as little pots of flowers, some candles or a colorful bowl of fruit.