How to Purchase a Tablet?

Tablets meet increasingly more successful. Practical, fun and interactive, they invite themselves everywhere thanks to their light weight, which does not make compromise on autonomy. In front of your television, on the plane or to care of the children on a trip: the tablets are unanimous.
You are considering buying a Tablet? Check out our guide to select the best touch tablet, and enjoy your purchase with peace!

The benefits of touch pads

  • Simple and easy: the firstadvantage of tablets, first is their ease of use! With some Tablet multi-touch screen, a simple support just to carry out any operation and control everything in a blink of an eye. Games, movies, e-mail:tablets they do!
  • Full of applications: it is you who choose!Edit photos, watch movies in streaming, surf the internet or simply share: “there is an app for that”. All the tablets have a store of software with more than 100,000 apps, what all of your needs. And unlike computers, everything settles down directly with a click. A new world opens up to you!
  • Powerful and connected: with faster components, thenew tablets react to the slightest slip of the finger. Always available, they wake up in a few seconds to give access to Wifi internet, display your favorite novel, or simply listen to the music! There are also models of 4 G tablets, to stay connected in any situation. Work at distance, videoconferencing or playing movies: even without wifi, everything is possible!
  • Want to buy a Tablet slightly and independent?Now, they are available in many formats to be take anywhere! With ultra-thin and equipped with high-performance lithium-ion batteries models, they slip easily into a bag to accompany you on a trip by train, by plane, or even in the evening to show photos to your friends. Available in sizes from 6 inches (15 cm diagonal screen), tablets are available in mini format to the Max, to satisfy all your uses!

Buy a Tablet: check out our tips on video

In this video, learn all our tips to buy the best touch Tablet according to your needs! Size, autonomy, uses: in less than 2 minutes, you will learn all about the tablets!

Touch iOs, Android, Windows tablets: what’s the difference?

As for computers where there are two universes between PCs and Macs (referred as “operating system”, which is at the heart of the machine), there are now three operating systems for touch pads. Just like Windows (7 or 8.1 for the latest versions) who is walking the PC and MacOs for Macintosh or MacBook, the tablets are also divided according to their main software.
The tablets are now divided into three categories:

  • “IOS” tablets, all of which are called “iPad” and designed and manufactured by Apple (creator of the iPhone);
  • Thetablets “Android”, which are designed by Google but made by different manufacturers (Samsung, Sony, LG, but also HTC, Motorola, Acer, etc…);
  • Shelves under ‘Windows’, that as computers are designed by Microsoft and built by many manufacturers: HP, Acer, Asus, Microsoft… And with the latest version of the Microsoft OS, the same Windows now team computers: so you can install all your software favorite on it, even if they are not available on the application, the “Windows Marketplace” store.

Each of these categories of tablets has a store of applications provided (from 300,000 to 1.5 million applications and games), with in addition to the advantages and disadvantages which are unique to each operating system:

  • “Android” Tablet perfectly agree with everyone!iPhone, PC, Mac: they are very versatile, and have the largest store of free and paid apps (more than 1.5 million applications). What work, play and learn without ever getting bored!And when you buy an Android Tablet, you can enjoy a wide selection of sizes and prices.
  • The tablets “IOS” like the Air iPad or iPad Mini work in perfect synchronization with iPhones and Mac computers, and offer very many applications of quality.
  • The shelves under ‘Windows’ (from the version 8.1, but also version 10 and later) can install apps for tablets as for computer.Therefore, one of the best platforms to work, without giving up the pleasure of play!

Not sure on the operating system of your Tablet? Here are some tips: Windows tablets are the most versatile and are perfect for work, when the Android tablets are ideal for multimedia thanks to their many uses and applications available. About iOs tablets, they allow you to benefit from a large catalogue of applications but also a synchronization in the Cloud of the Apple universe.

What features you choose for its Tablet?

You guided your choice to a touch pad Windows, Android or iOs? In this case, several features will also be determined:

  • The size of the Tablet: from 7 inches, it’s a trade-off according to your usage.
  • Its storage capacity: only iOS (iPad) tablets are unable to expand their storage space.This is also the case of some Windows and Android tablets, but most models allow you to add a card memory (up to 128 GB adapters) to store your movies, photos, and music. And better yet, Microsoft Surface tablets have a port to plug in USB stick, keyboard, mouse… What answer all your uses!
  • Accessories: depending on the brand, you can enjoy a large number of accessories,covers and panniers for Tablet, but also keyboards for Tablet. Choose your model depending on your uses!

Buy a tablet based on its uses

What is the best Tablet touch for a child, for working on the go, or simply to play a movie? Here also, our tips well choose what tablet buy.
For a child, all models of shelves suitable! However, you will need to choose a protection adapted, especially if he is a toddler. Similarly, prefer to use a Tablet for children under the supervision of an adult, or by using a specific application.
You are often on the move and need to work regularly? Microsoft Surface with Windows touch pads are made for you! You can equip these tablets of a real lightweight keyboard for writing your documents, but also to use this one tablet to view presentation, or movies and series. With an HDMI output, plan your work on the big screen as soon as necessary. A real asset to prepare your meetings!
Your tablet will be your future Entertainment Center? Go for the large diagonals! From 10 inches screen 16: 9 tablets Android will be perfect in the train or on a plane. Similarly, the iPad will be useful through their 4/3 screen to view photos and listen to your favorite music, but also surf the internet. And you can choose to use in landscape mode or portrait mode.
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