How to Pass the Eyeliner Correctly

The eyeliner is a pretty makeup item used in makes more elaborate as the simplest. The stroke may be thin or thicker; start at the inside corner or in the middle of the eye; finish along with the Cilia or pull the tip type “look of Kitty”. Anyway, the important thing is to use the outlined the way that suits you. The problem is that we don’t always know how to properly stroke or hit a side and we missed each other. Check out some tips to never smudge the eyeliner:
1 – make a trace of black pencil before using the eyeliner:this first tip, which is actually a very simple trick, is great for those who have problems in dosing the size of the stroke of eyeliner. The pencil is firmer, therefore, easier to use. Please mark with him and then just cover with liquid or gel designed.
2-make three dots with eyeliner close to the lashes before draw:another very useful tip is to make the dots rentes to the eyelashes, so, then, you should only “connect” the points bringing the eyeliner over, making a perfect stroke.
3-look down:when preparing to make outlined, not stretch the eyelid with a finger, place the mirror on the Chin high and look down, so you’ll have a better view of the space to make the dash with perfection, without tugging.
4-Divide the process:in time to start at the outer corner outlined, and go to the middle of the eye, then stop. Start from the inside corner linking with the rest of the outlined in the center of the eye.
5-type of eyeliner:there are different types of EYELINERS, prefer the pen-shaped, your tip firm facilitates the process. Who has more skill can use in gel with a brush.