How To Naturally Get Pregnant

When that time comes when deciding to have a child, most parents have a preference for their sex. Some would like to have a girl, while others would rather have a boy.

How To Naturally Get Pregnant

Although there is no way to choose, there are however some methods that can help increase the chances of having girl or boy.

If you would like to have a boy and you are looking for natural options to get it, then here you can learn some methods.

Check out how to conceive naturally of a boy.

How to Naturally Get Pregnant From a Boy

There are some strategies that can help increase the chances of having a boy naturally. Learn more about how to conceive naturally from a boy.

Sexual intercourse during the fertile period

The closer the sexual relations of ovulation, the more chances you have to get pregnant as a boy.

This happens because the spermatozoa with the Y chromosome (necessary to have a boy) is faster and less resistant.

Thus, if he is close to ovulation, he will be the first to reach the egg, not having to wait for some time, which would make him fragile and struggling with an X-chromosome sperm.

Positions during intercourse

As explained above, the spermatozoon with the male chromosome is faster and less durable.

That way, to get pregnant naturally from a boy must give the conditions so that the way is as short and easy as possible for the spermatozoa. That way, you are putting to advantage those that can result in a baby boy.

So, prefer positions where penetration is deeper. To make the sperm path easier with the male chromosome, it is important that the environment is as alkaline as possible. Thus, the woman must have orgasm before the partner, since thus the acidity of the vagina will be eliminated.


The woman’s diet in the two months prior to conception can also have a decisive influence on the sex of the baby. So, to know how to conceive naturally of a boy should know what care to take with the food.

In this way you should strengthen the intake of foods rich in potassium, sodium and alkaline pH, and instead avoid foods rich in magnesium and calcium.