How to Match Curtains with Room

The curtains give the finishing touch to a room decoration. Their choice must be made based on the style of furniture and atmosphere we want to create. To avoid the mistakes of tastes you must match them in harmony with your environment.


  • When to choose curtains?
  • Technical criteria for the choice of curtains
  • aesthetic criteria to choose a curtain adapted to its interior

When to Choose Curtains?

A common mistake in new homes is to crack on a curtain and build its scenery all around. There needs to be the opposite: the choice of the curtain comes last of all in a room decoration.
It will take place once the color of the walls selected, and after the installation of furniture and decorative objects.
The curtains provide the finishing touch to the decoration of interior: just as carpet and thrown sofa, they bring warmth and atmosphere to your home but should not constitute the decoration centerpiece.

Technical Criteria For The Choice Of Curtains

The aesthetic criterion is not the only one to be considered as a curtain little help fool the eye and to correct the imperfections of a room.
In a room at the low ceiling, hang curtains wide vertical stripes that give an impression of height. Conversely, blinds “boat” in linen, with horizontal panels will break too high ceilings.
Customize the style of your curtains to the window size: large frilly curtain will not happen to be in front of a small window. Similarly, a very thin curtain, without frills and too tight will not worth a large door window with beautiful wooden frames.
Beware also of dimensions of your curtain that should not sweep the floor sloppily or worse, being too short, leaving perceive the lower band of the window. For this decision prior actions to be scrupulous.
Try to choose an agreement in color with the walls of the room. If you are lucky enough to have white walls then anything goes as long as your curtain has not sworn the furniture!

Aesthetic Criteria to Choose a Curtain Adapted to Its Interior

The choice of fabric, its texture and its fall will be based on the style of the room to parry but also the atmosphere you want to create. Our article on the different styles of curtains you may help to make your choice.
In a rustic interior, with solid oak flooring and period furniture you choose should be focused on heavy velvet or taffeta curtains. The curtain will carry and will constitute in themselves the jewels. The most suitable colors will then be the royal blue and garnet. The lightly golden brown will also look the best.
For a country house, the curtains very natural cotton, or simple patterns printed perfectly accord to all. In the kitchen, you can push the plate to install white curtains in red tiles. In the rooms the curtains openwork lace are welcome.
In a very zen minimalist interior, choose light curtains while transparency which will rise with the slightest breeze letting the air. Alternatively, the linen blinds that diffuse a soft light while evoking Japanese partitions.
For the trendiest design enthusiasts, this kind of blinds defined by Craftinlearning, can also prove to be a good choice because they have a very chic. As the curtain laser cutting the pattern of which can be made ​​on order according to the tastes of the customer.
The blinds of metallic colors further accentuate the urban side recreated in some interiors.
For lovers of exotic, the long cotton or polyester curtains are perfect worn by rods wrought iron. There you can dare the color and even the stripes further accentuate the ethnic side of your decor.