How to Match Clogs

Probably the hooves, the colgs / mules and clogs are the shoes the most desired, most loved and most hated even this summer 2015.
The models are so many to choose from and if it is true that to launch fashion were the big brands such as Chloe, Valentino and Stella McCartney, it is also true that now can be found everywhere and in all the larger chains low cost.
The problem then is not so much to find them and buy them, what, if anything, to combine them in the right way , without falling into kitsch or look unlikely.


Probably the easiest way (and safe) to match the most of the clogs is to mix them with a pair of pants. You can choose from many models, both cigarette in culottes.
Beautiful and very well chosen are the models in jeans, but also the trouser suit that you can choose flared, at the palace, or slightly flared in the middle 70’s.
The models in shorts are definitely the most special and the most suitable to create the flashy look, but at the same time cured. Choose them in light fabrics and preferably solid, with no particular fantasies.

Skirts and dresses

The skirts are another valid alternative to wear clogs. The side skirts (especially in this case) are a bit ‘risky, at least over 25 years, but if you really want to be chic, then choose a skirt midi ankle with particular fantasy and belted waist.
Another good idea is to call the boho chic style and ethnic opting for a lightweight dress with fantasy flowers to combine with accessories in leather and flowery frame.


Finally, another very real and original idea to best match the clogs is to choose overalls (preferably jeans). You can choose it either long or short, and certainly will help slim the figure even in cases in which clogs the feet tend to always do the opposite effect.
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