How to Match Boho Jewelry

The jewels inspired from boho-chic is the new trend Spring / Summer 2016 fashion victim to which no one can resist, lively patterns and saucy in perfect line with the dictates coming from the catwalks of haute couture. In view of the warm season to dominate the scene will then maxi necklaces, pendants in the shape of feathers, colored charms and bracelets set of soft materials in the period aims nuances.

The Trends of Summer 2016

The boho-chic jewelry stood as one of the must-have Spring / Summer 2016 the most interesting of the moment, models that collect in itself the elements of fashion bohemian, hippie accents and 70s that really never go out of fashion, as demonstrated by us all the finest collections of the season. The lines of accessories of the great fashion houses and specialized brands are rich in creations of this type, often very original articles.
Jaws of the gauge’s Day have included among their new arrivals earrings with large pendants in the shape of feathers from the base in white gold, while Isabel Marant thought vertical earrings multi-strand interspersed with pastel charms. Maxi pendants (see in the shape of colorful feathers and stones mark the creations of Rosantica and Dolce & Gabbana, while low cost brands such as glamourous, accessorize and Asos aim at more eccentric items from showy pastel applications.

Hippie style floral theme for necklaces with large pendants regal rose and Aurelie Bidermann, while fashion houses like Bottega Veneta, Chan Luu and Oscar De La Renta has designed bracelets in rope or other soft materials by processing woven with pearls, colored stones or other bright inserts. Inevitable anklets, especially in versions with charms coin or multicolor fringed pendants.

How to Match the Boho-Chic Jewelery

To know how to match the jewelry to clothes is key to a passionate fashion, even more so when it comes to boho-chic models who return constantly in the collections of all brands during the hot season.
As you can imagine, this kind of articles is perfectly coordinated with heads 70 years as mini-dresses and long dresses gipsy-style in the total white crochet embroidery along the surface, but also with multicolor outfit or color block more vivid.
Wear your long necklaces on the bodice and the top of the clothes and match them with colorful bracelets. The boho-chic of the fashion rules in fact require full set of brightly charms bracelets worn together, as well as rings and knuckle rings for half phalanges pastel stones. But remember not to overdo it: If you wear long earrings with large pendants feathers or with other charms, leave the necklace at home.
The combinations of jewelry multicolor adore the clothes in total black or total white, but also in shades of beige and camel.