How to Match a Silk Shirt

Fashion has its own rules, you know, and it’s not always easy to observe them all. The error into which many of us fall is that of the combination of the various garments. It must therefore take into account the shades of colors, fabrics, lengths. If then it is quite exquisite dresses and challenging the situation is complicated. This is the case of silk, a fabric with no doubt very stylish, suitable to particular contexts and opportunities. A chief certainly reputed by women and impressive refinement is the silk shirt. But was unable to figure out how to wear it it is not simple. In this guide, then we will give you some tips on how to match a silk shirt.
First, it is important to choose the model that best fits our body, in order to enhance the strengths and minimize the defects. It should however be noted that it is a very soft fabric and elastic, perfectly follows the lines of our silhouette, accompanying forms without scoring too. So even if we are a bit more plump we should not worry: this garment is right for all women!
One of the main factors to consider when you want to match a long sleeve shirt is the color. Already being a major leader, we can not exceed too much contrast. The most classic of color is undoubtedly the cream or milk white, a must -have in the wardrobe of every woman. With this type of color, we can still keep the tone neutral like black, gray or beige. Trousers and a silk shirt white undoubtedly form a combined casual yet sophisticated, suitable for both business and leisure.
If our shirt is dark in color, like black or purple, we can choose between two main combinations. If we want to maintain a sober and sophisticated appearance is good to shift the choice of trousers or a skirt of the same tone of the shirt so as not to create too much contrast. If we want to be daring and try an original look and especially, we can wear opposing colors.Finally it must also take account of the occasion of use: for an output with the friends we can focus on the jeans with a light wash and flat shoes, on the contrary if we have to go to work or an important event it is best to choose a pant classic cotton and high heels.