How to Make a Pest Control

At certain times of the year it looks like the insects appear to mount, and this is very annoying, because imagine appear cockroaches, spiders, rats and other insects. Of course no one wants these insects in your home, a good pest control in your home, will be the best option.
The arrival of summer and rising temperatures, the increase in insects is normal, and they must be exterminated with correct products and specific to each case, if used incorrectly, can bring risks for you and your family.
Currently we find thousands of products available in the market that are fighting the insects. Always remember that most of these products have in their formulation a dangerous chemistry, so you should always protect yourself with gloves and wash your hands after use, save a few products that are water-based, but still be careful.
To Eliminate the So Hated Cockroaches
In the market there is some little boxes that have goals to attract cockroaches, so after we ingest the poison, end up contaminating other insects of the nest. Put these baits in hard to reach places such as under the fridge or cupboards, but never with personal items. The biggest advantage of this product is that you have no physical contact with the poison. Change the box every 20 days.
Aerosol for Insects
The famous aerosol is used to kill insects, such as mosquitoes, flies, mosquitoes, spiders, and even cockroaches. The problem with this product is that it can put your health at risk in some situations and should be avoided by people allergic or with respiratory diseases. When using take care of your eyes and after use wash your hands thoroughly. Never apply against the wind, as the venom can go back into your eyes.
To Kill Rats
To combat the rats, the rat poisons are found in supermarkets is are very efficient, they take a few days to kill rodents and not arouse distrust in the group, and are properly recorded and safe when used correctly.
Baits should be placed in spots where the rats were observed or where no visible feces. Where the bait was partially or completely ingested due to double the amount of rat poison and repeat dose every seven days, until the bait stop being food. Once ingested, between three to seven days, the mouse will die anywhere, so very careful with children and pets.
If any of this options can finish with your problems, the way is to hire a company specializing in the subject, because they are often used these methods and they can control the pests, a company specialized in pest control will surely do the trick.