How to Make a Miniature Grandfather Clock

Some times we happen to lose a lot of time wandering around the shops looking for a unique and special gift for our friends or relatives and often after so much effort to research its cost is also very high. We will then try to accomplish on your own objects by spending very little. 
In this guide from franciscogardening, we will see how to do in order to achieve a beautiful grandfather clock in miniature. A fun and inexpensive way to spend time with our friends or together with our family.
You need
Be sure to have on hand:

  • cardboard boxes of various sizes
  • two tubes for candy
  • drinking straws
  • toilet paper
  • PVA glue
  • Acrylic colors
  • gold-colored tempera
  • a black marker
  • a watch mechanism

The first task at hand will be to get all the material listed throughout this guide, and to do that, just go to any home improvement. Once that is done, we can finally start building our clock. As a first step, draw a box in the middle of a box. Now buchiamola with the pencil tip and Let’s push in. This, at the end of the project, will be the register chimes in here we will put the mechanism that will make a genuine watch. Of course, remember to Pierce even the back of the box, in order to adjust the time and change the batteries.
To make the base of the pendulum paste below the first other boxes and we check that stand. To make wooden pads lets stick over the straws and candy tubes. We prepare “gruel” by mixing equal parts glue and water. Cover the boxes with bits of toilet paper and spennelliamola with the mixture prepared earlier. Allow to dry well and then coloriamola. We can make a base color, dark wood and then the grain clearer.
At this point, we draw the pendulum and paint it with the gold-colored tempera. The clock face is clear, with the hours written in magic marker. To fix the clock mechanism, make a hole in the middle and let the hands. The project is now finished, we can always customize it with all the details that we consider most appropriate, to have a grandfather clock even more personalized.
Then follow the few simple steps throughout this guide, we will know how to finally achieve a beautiful grandfather clock in miniature. For those who are beginners with this type of work, you’ll find the steps above slightly complicated, but with a little patience and trying several times, we will be able to achieve a perfect result.