How to Make a Bow Tie

A little history…

The bow appears in the nineteenth century, derived from a necktie that was invented by Beau Brummell, famous English dandy early century. The tie is wrapped several times around his neck and tied not to the sides fall on the shirt. Rectangular, wide asymmetrical knot narrow chevron pattern, the node then appeared in all its forms and already had his worshipers.

Also very popular with doctors, restaurateurs and architects for practical reasons related to their professions, necktie was baptized bow in 1904 in honor of the famous Puccini opera Madame Butterfly. Worn by Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill or James Bond, the bow tie is very often associated with evening wear but is doing less formally today thanks to the work of Alber Elbaz for Lanvin, or Alexis Mabille in the 2000s.


Bow Tie Tie

Very elegant, the bow tie is ideal for special occasions. Wear it with a shirt with wing collar and a tuxedo for a perfect fit! The bear is loose in hand almost as elegant as without wearing a tie knot…

Bowtie Prénoué

For those who can not tie a bow tie, pre-tied are a good alternative. You will find in many shapes and materials with a wide selection of colors and patterns. This is a good alternative to the tie to assert his style. Here at Iamaccepted you can get more different models and styles.


There are two major forms of bow ties which comes in 3 sizes, both in width and in height.

-Slim: perfect fit for faces.

-Normal: for standard morphologies.

-Large: more suitable for tall people.

Le Battoir

The ends are flat or slightly rounded.

The Butterfly

Strictly speaking: the ends are pointed.

The Subjects

The bow tie is available in different materials: silk, cotton, linen, wool etc. Silk is found in most bow ties, possibly mixed with linen or wool for example. Bow ties cotton or wool, very fashionable, are particularly suited to a casual look.


Bow ties can be woven in different ways

-The Knot silk satin butterfly allows for no apparent weft weave with a smooth, fine finish. This is weaving that usually found for bow ties to tie. </>

-The Bow Tie braided can be silk and linen for summer and wool and silk for models to wear the winter.

-The Bow Tie Velvet: The velvet bowties bring a chic touch to an outfit to wear in winter.

-The Knot Knit butterfly: whether for ties like bow ties, knitting gives a more casual touch. There are knitted wool and silk knit.

The Reasons

There is a wide choice of patterns that can easily adapt to all styles of dress. Novices prefer to stay in the united kingdom or false to begin with. The more experienced will move towards bowties striped or polka dots, Scottish or houndstooth pattern, cashmere or figurative.

How to bow?

1 – Place one of the two lower than the other sides.

2 – Place the pan on the pan along short then surround it with the longest tail. Highlight it up. You have formed a first node.

3 – Fold the shorter the pan horizontally to form two wings of the bow tie.

4 – Fold the longest pan in the center of the two previously formed wings. Little trick to make the next step: to pinch the two wings of knot to secure the knot.

5 – Hide the long side behind the folded pan. To do this, take along pan through the center and made him pass through the loop.

6 – Adjust the bow tie pulling the wings outwardly.

Stylistic advice: how to wear a bow tie

Better to focus the passes open shirts and low-rise

The bow tie is always worn with a shirt, but not any shirt. Some passes as the English or French collar neck are the most recommended: too closed, they do not provide visual balance between the collar and bow tie.

-Italian collar shirt: it’s a classic to have in her wardrobe and to fit all body types and can be worn on all occasions.

-Shirt collar small: worn with a bow tie slim, it’s the perfect collar for short necks to lengthen.

-Round neck shirt: wear with skinny or normal bowtie not hide the collar. Perfect for square faces to restore their roundness.

-Wing collar shirt is reserved for special occasions, possibly with a tuxedo. It can be worn with a slim or normal bow tie.

In perfect harmony requires that the distance between the two points of the neck is equal to the width of the bow tie.

For casual wear you can even combine it with a V-neck sweater, jeans and sneakers!

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