How to Maintain Leather Handbags?

True, with time, it becomes gray, but he would prefer fresh air as long as possible.

It pampers.

After purchase, is sprayed with a suitable (always clear) on the bag, at least 30cm away, not to create a halo. Once is enough, but even waterproof, it avoids making him (too) take the rain. Like the sun, he fades, it does not let in the rear window of the car … We do not cling to the radiator or nearby. It also makes sure that our raw denim, the unfixed dye, do not bleed on the bag, especially if it is clear (as in the case of color transfer, there is unfortunately much to do).

We clean every day.

It removes light soiling with a damp clean cloth and a little soap before letting dry in the open air. One can rub it with a clean cloth or cotton wool soaked in cleansing milk. On suede or nubuck, you pass a white gum or a suede brush. On the varnished leather, damp sponge. If grease stain, immediately sprinkled with soil Sommières. Big cat (like cat pee) is spun to a specialist leather …

To be beautiful long.

They are fed with natural leather balm (Renapur, 100% natural, in addition, enhances colors). To prevent the crackle varnish, it massages the leather with glycerin or petrolatum. Finally, to protect it from light, humidity and dust (which can be abrasive), it is put in a bag when you do not use it for long.