How to Maintain Leather Boots

When you are grown and makes regular use may be appropriate to consider purchasing leather riding boots. Leather boots are not only beautiful, they mold to your feet and legs. Leather riding boots, but also maintenance.


There are many different types of leather boots available. It is advisable to always go boots fits in the store. If your leather riding boots on the internet buying you a chance if they do not fit.It may also happen that the boots in the store not pretty connect or do not fit properly. You then have the opportunity to make leather boots. Your feet and legs are then measured, and so you get a perfect fit boot. The custom-made boots are a bit more expensive than regular boots. For a pair of leather riding boots can count quickly at prices from?? 150, -You can also choose an expensive brand, the boots can be so fast?? 400, -the cost. Nowadays there are boots on the market with a zipper. This is very easy and now you do not hard to do to get them out. You must remember that when the zipper boots are not waterproof, so be careful with puddles and water. Leather riding boots generally go last, they must first be made up, and when they mold to your feet and legs.Catch up can be perceived as painful, but it attracts more and more remote as the boots themselves will be formed.


Leather riding boots can last with proper maintenance. Many people think that your leather boots can keep the best greasy. This is not always true. Oiliness keeps you supple boots, there’s nothing wrong with that, but if the leather is soft than the boots quickly limp and they are not nice and crispy. Keep your boots to dry is not good, it can crack the leather. It is important to keep your boots clean. The best way if you have your boots well cared for and want to stick to hold them once a week. The course is also on how often you use your boots if sometimes you can follow the best after use.

  • First you create your boots clean. This is best done with lukewarm water and a cloth. You make the cloth damp and takes all the dirt away with it. Dry the boots and let it dry out further. The luggage compartment must be completely dry for the next step.
  • If your boots are properly dried, you can polish them with shoe polish. In black or brown which is the color of your boots. Make sure you brush the good spots and uitpoetst.

Then you are ready to take care of your boots. You can sometimes rub the boots with ledervet, but do not do it too often, then your boots are very weak.

Store your boots

People who use their boots every day put their boots just in the corridor or in the stable, but if you are not used every day your boots it is advisable to buy a boot bag. It stores your boots clean, beautiful and free of dust. If you have cleaned your boots ensure that it dries well before you store them in the boot bag. If you do not, you can go moldy or boot can be marks on the result.