How to Look Tall Without Wearing Heels

Would you like to look tall and slender wearing flat shoes instead of high heels? Know that you can and  I’m for you to discover how to do!


For years we have walked on his heels. Always higher, with no plateau before, with later. On wedges and even in heels without the heel (remember the shoes worn by Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham?. So much so that some marketing genius has created courses to learn how to walk in these shoes without looking flamingo with a broken leg. The most famous is certainly the Stiletto Academy, which dispenses elegant walks and safe even on a fifteen heel.
I’ve heard women say that without heels did not feel feminine. But how blame them? After six series and two movies Sex and the City and The Devil Wears Prada before then, it was virtually impossible to think of leaving home without wear a shoe with a heel.


But one day Karl Lagerfeld has decided to pull out his models with sneakers. From that show women have found peace of the feet. Finally comfortable to run to take the tram without the fear of a retort.
The trend of flat shoes fortunately was proposed again for this spring summer: men’s lace, gladiator sandals, slip on and everything that has the sole firmly to the ground. Initially it was jubilation and emotion, but then came the question full of terror: how will I look taller and leaner without heels?
Now calm and focused, I will reveal some simple trick to look taller and lean even if you wear a pair of comfortable sneakers offered by CALCULATORINC.COM!


I think you must leave the closet all those low-rise jeans that you carry around since the university (because, sorry to tell you, but if you manage to get in will not remove the buttocks sagging or stretch marks).
To look taller you have to make it look like the longest leg and then go-ahead to the pants and skirts with a high waist . But also dresses empire cut, where life is practically moved under the breast. Do not you believe it? Make the test in front of the mirror!


They will surely have said that the capri pants and pedal pushers are doing well 1% of the female population but have you ever wondered why? Simple, because terribly shorten the leg, even in heels!
To then look taller, it does so that the hem of the pants you wear it as long as possible, should almost touch the floor. Nearly is the most important word in the sentence you just read. No pants that act as scavengers or frayed and broken edges. You know Arisa with platinum blonde hair? The result is the same.
For the skirt instead, no half measures, or short or long. But eye, short does not mean show what comes to be intimate! I suggest you buy skirts with clean lines and straight, the balloon with flat shoes require long legs.Endowment that Mother Nature has not provided all unfortunately.


Sit down, because I’m about to bring down one of your great certainties. It is not only black that streamlines. The rule is said that streamline dark colors. Then the blue (dark) gray (dark), purple (dark) I could go on for quite a while’.
Then enter the dark shades of various colors in your wardrobe, so you continue in your order to appear more lean and above all, so you’re hardly dressed always the same.
Again in terms of color, to appear in addition to more lean, even higher, wearing shoes, pants and belt of the same color. Same thing for the skirt, wearing the socks of the same color. Then if you really want to soar, even wearing the shirt of the same color, reminding you to break it all with a purse or another important detail. Or even pants and knit fantasy, just that it is the same for both ends.
Remember, continuity is the key element. Definitely a garment that helps a lot in this goal is the suit, which is back in fashion in recent times.
Now that you’ve discovered these tricks, I’m sure you will leave in the shoe heels a bit ‘more often!
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