How to Have Tomboy Style

One of the great fashion trends autumn/winter 2012 is the Tomboy fashion. It is not today that the ideal of androgyny passes through the walkways of fashion weeks across the world, blending of fun way the feminine and the masculine shirts, blazers, jeans among other pieces characteristically masculine tailoring.
In addition to being a very comfortable style, perfect for little formal occasions and more casual encounters, glamour and beauty back to visual, for who knows to combine styles without transforming your wardrobe
into something totally masculine the possibilities are immense, and you can still take advantage of creativity and humor to match the pieces, creating fabulous visuals and with modern touch that spot between the retro and the current.
Tomboy style, what is
Some factors ended up influencing the birth of Tomboy fashion, as the second world war and the emergence of the automobile by demanding your time women more independent, but was between 1910 and 1920 he definitely was born, this thanks to Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, a modern woman and the front of your time for not finding clothes that I wanted to dress ended up using the closet boyfriend. This time Coco Chanel had a Hat shop and was copied by several women of the region in which he lived, which helped so that it started producing dresses, creating one of the most famous brands of all time.
By late 1930, Marlene Dietrich also dared to, achieving fame by creating looks boyish and 50 Rockbilly style arrived bringing cigarettes pants, but it was in the 60 years that the first women’s tuxedos thanks to Yves Saint Laurent. And in the years 70 and 80 were the shoulder pads that crowned the Tomboy style of the time.
Over the years this style gained more and more power and a renewed appearance, arriving at what is now called the “tomboy” and which appeared in England, universities, appearing shortly after in the labour market and on the catwalks.
So he comes to the trend of fashion fall-winter 2012, having won the European fashion weeks, New York, on Fashion Rio and in SPFW, where the Tomboy appeared with strength, especially in parts of tailors, straight male slitting or pants (trousers) jeans-style “boyfriend”, mistaking the male and female with a lot of style and power.

How to assemble a Tomboy look

For those who want to take advantage of this fashion “tomboy” and all the comforts and irreverence that she has to offer some tips are important, serving as Jokers in the time that we open the closet.
Despite being androgynous, with large male influence remember you’re a girl, no need to exaggerate in male accessories, combine one or two pieces with a very “Girly” (female), use shirt and sneakers without shoelaces, enjoy a lovely short shorts and jeans. It is important to keep the delicacy even when the subject is Tomboy.
You can assemble entire looks where the important is comfort, or just have a reference, where a piece just refers to the style, but always without falling completely to the masculine.
If you want something more social can opt for beautiful sets with blazer and trousers and a high heels, necessary accessory and that brings a lot of power to any look. You can also combine accessories such as berets and pigskin shoes with shirt and jeans.
Some key pieces to create the visual Tomboy are: Blazer, tie, bow tie, Oxford, Loafers, vest, gardener, tailoring trousers, among others.
The most important thing is to always play with what you have, but without losing the femininity. Remember that to mount a look it takes more than clothing, but shoes, accessories, makeup and nails, so enjoy the full range of possibilities you have and remember what comfort is essential, so take a look in the shops, in, see what fits best to your body and work.