How to Have Perfect Eyebrows for Your Wedding

Months before their wedding, brides begin an extensive beauty routine. This includes spa sessions, Reductor massages, exfoliations, waxing, treatments, hair, manicure, pedicure…However, many often forget their eyebrows. The truth is that if you don’t take care of this natural face frame, even the best of the makeup may not look spectacular.

Hugo Álvarez, Gold makeup and Silvia Galván Image Studioeyebrow specialist, shares his best-kept secrets.

The first step is to get an eyebrow design, which involves a hair removal. To do this, you must go to an expert and he will give them proper shape for your face.

You have to do this process at least three months in advance and repeated it a week earlier, so your makeup just have that retouch some details with pliers. You do not depiles with wax or thread on the wedding day: as the skin becomes irritated, as well as seeing red, the makeup could be set differently.

Now though, if time came you over and the wedding is the next day, there is the alternative of using the Profiler, but remember that it is best leave it in the hands of a specialist.
A More Permanent Option

If you have few eyebrows or holes, the best option is a micropigmentation. This process is not a tattoo: it’s a semi-permanent outlined that goes in the first layer of the skin and only lasts a year.You must be at least three months before the wedding. Before you begin, make sure you are comfortable with the shape and color of your eyebrows. Go to a certified expert by the Ministry of health, since you must use topical anesthesia, new, sterile and disposable materials.

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