How to Get a Vintage Look

The look of the past are coming back, into fashion and today we will explain how to get a vintage look. Define what exactly the vintage look is not so simple. In general, we can say that means show off a dress vintage clothing typical of the years seventies and eighties, but also of the previous decades . What is coming back in fashion again, then, are the clothes of past eras, dresses that have made ​​history and now, seem to be very popular with young people. We see, then, what accessories and clothing will allow us to go back in time. Just go around flea markets and vintage shops (today particularly popular) or, more simply, rummaging in the closets of grandmothers and aunts. Let’s start from VintagesFinder!
We start from the mesh: to achieve a vintage look we have to go looking for sweaters striped or polka dots, or even with geometric or floral patterns. We will go to the match with a pair of tight jeans and you’re done! These jerseys are very nice to wear even under a single color cardigan. An alternative is the oversized shirt, always to be combined on a pair of tight pants, perhaps adding a thick waist belt.
If instead of jeans and pants prefer a skirt, we try among those crags or high waist. The important thing is they are long up to the knee, very vintage feature, whereas in past ages was unseemly for a woman to find out her legs. These skirts can be combined with simple shirts, which will give a modern touch to our style. As for the clothes, very vintage are those narrow waist and wide along the legs. We can choose to show off a dress in neutral colors, then go crazy with accessories, or prefer the fantasies, and then not to overdo it with jewelry and more.
Let us now turn to accessories. One of the accessories that can never fail in a vintage look is a shoulder bag, similar to that of the postmen. These bags can be modern if they have studs or skin stretches, but turn out to be very vintage if built with special fabrics, such as fabric or wool, and with special embroidery and buttons. Another element that can never be lacking in a vintage look are the pins . Buttons are perfect to put on the shoulder bag, the mesh or to stop a scarf, making our look even more personalized. As accessories, the jewelry are also very important, easy to find in vintage shops. An example are the earrings with clips or large square bracelets.
As for the shoes can range used by amphibians, the cleavage with low block heel, to converse, depending on the type of look, whether casual, sporty or elegant. To get a vintage style, very important are also glasses, sunglasses or eyeglasses. In the shops one can find all kinds, from those polka dot maxi glasses Hollywood diva style. Finally, we can give a final touch by decorating our hair, for example circles or bands, very popular in past eras.
Never forget:
Dress vintage dress does not mean ruined clothes and poorly kept. We choose carefully before you buy!