How to Find Your Style Female?

Rub in your closet clothes of bohemian chic, streetwear, casual, retro and many others? Or maybe you wearing still the same clothes out of spite? You then certainly hard to find and define your own style of dress. Here are some ways to achieve this by being around!

# 1 – Follow the Fashion Trends and Inspired a Round Blogger

Before you define your own style, fashion watch and learn to distinguish the different clothing styles known. This will give you an overview of the options available to you and begin to sort among the styles that you like and those you really do not like.

Then, stroll among the many fashion blogs that thrive on the web and regularly follow the blog of a fashionista round inspires you. You can also subscribe to different Instagram accounts, whether held by round or not women, too. The important thing is to know what is in fashion and be inspired to create his own style.
Of course, you can also follow regularly my-size that keeps you informed of all the news in the world of plus size fashion.

# 2 – Try Different Kinds of Clothes in Stores

You are doing may not care, but when you enter a store, there is a good chance that you are moving is always the same style of clothing. You progress through the shelves and find jeans or T-shirt, clothes you used to wear? So the next time you enter a store or you place an order over the Internet, try other clothing for see how you feel inside.
A young woman who often wears T-shirts could be surprised by discovering in a smart shirt. A woman of older age who wears only tight suits may discover with pleasure that the jeans also suit him very well.
To find his style when it is round, so you have to try and dare different clothes from those we used to wear, to be observed in different outfits and have a clear idea of their tastes and what we showcases. Enjoy the dressing rooms are made ​​for!

# 3 – Experimenting with Different Styles Before Finding His

Prior to precisely define your style, you can go through a transitional phase during which you will wear different outfits from different inspirations. After a few weeks, take time to think about the clothes in which you felt most at ease physically but also mentally.
You do not feel very well in a sexy dress and you finally find most comfortable in a nice jeans? Then make your way to a more casual style and drop the femme fatale who is not right for you, even if you find it very nice on the other.
One is never as beautiful as when you feel good!

# 4 – Building Style from Basic

A good base in which you feel good and that will show you to be able to turn into any outfit trend of any style. How? In accessorizing keep in mind that keeping ethnic style for example is not made ​​of 100% of clothing directly inspired by this style. Often one garment and some accessories are directly reference. And that’s good because when is round, it is sometimes difficult to find original clothes that fit …
Your wardrobe should be based primarily on good basics. The advantage is that more is that if your style is evolving, you will not have to redo your entire wardrobe but simply accessorize your basic otherwise. A simple little black dress, for example, can also be transformed into holding ethnic style, urban femme fatale and many more by simply changing bag and shoes …

# 5 – PAS Learn from Fashion Faux Pas

Often, we realize after the fact that a particular outfit we would not at all, seeing themselves in photos for example. Skirt too short, too wide trousers, tight dress not fancy, do not repeat the fashion faux pas you have committed in the past.
Do not be afraid to change. If you like sexy style but you realize that it really is you, then why not try to evolve at all? Try on clothes, it’s like trying a new hair color, it can be brown all his life and the day when it is discovered in blonde, it can be a revelation! And we wonder why we did never dared so far?
In conclusion? To find his style when it is round, we must keep an open mind and dare to go towards unknown territories fashion!