How to Find The Bra That Fits You

Your breasts aren’t the only decisive elements in the sensuality of your chest.The real key is actually the size of your bra! And obviously, this is something that few women pay attention. A recent survey reveals that today ‘ today, only 30% were wearing the right bra size. But how do you know what bra fits you perfectly? These 5 tips of Marie Jo will put you on the path: get inspired!

A recent survey reveals that only 30% of women today choose the BRA size that they will exactly.Okay, the thing is not easy. Many criteria come into account in the search for the right bra. All the factors that influence the chest, include pregnancy, weight fluctuations, morphology or age.Add to that the fact that both breasts are different for many women.
Therefore, it is not a luxury to be advised by an expert in lingerie styling to each purchase of bra.We know indeed that a perfectly fitted bra has a decisive impact on the silhouette. With these 5 tips, Marie Jo puts you on the track to find the BRA that works for you.
Let’s start at the beginning. Put on your BRA, lean forward slightly and gently shake the shoulders so that the breasts naturally find their place in the cups.
Straighten up and staple your bra to ensure that the back is positioned perfectly horizontally.Attention: the back is the most important part of your BRA, which mainly helps support. The reason why our lingerie styling experts routinely will check if the back was not above that frames on the front.
Few women have exactly the same breasts. Therefore, adjust each ramp separately, to provide a harmonious support and create a symmetry between the breasts.
Material made of the folds or the bonnet is not completely filled? In this case, the CAP is too big for you. In addition, the nipples must stay at the deepest point of the bonnet. The reverse is also true: If your breasts overflowing don’t even no cap, this means that the bra is too small.
Last but not least: make sure the frames of your bra. If you feel that they fall into the skin just beneath armpits, you chose a size too large. And if they do the same effect in the hollow of the breasts, that means on the contrary that the bra is too small.
Be sure to choose the right BRA, go in a lingerie shop in order to get advice by our experts in lingerie styling: here find the store closest to you.