How to Dress When You Have Big Hips?

When you have strong hips, it faces a number of things: first find clothes that make us value but also where we feel good.
Indeed, comfort is paramount and may well be coupled with style! For example, nothing worse than pants selected in a size that will accommodate the strong hips but yawn at the waist and will continue to fall.

A Highlight Your Figure

When you have strong hips, it is rare that the shoulders are also all square. The morphology corresponding to generous hips is most of the time a morphology A.

Wear Suitable Clothing

For a zero default figure it is important to choose clothes that will not gape at the waist.
Fortunately in recent years clothing adapted to each morphology ranges were born! Exit therefore the size saucissonnée by a belt to prevent the skirt or pants yawns.

Enhance Your Curves

To this must wear appropriate cuts to your body. We do not talk to conceal at all costs your hips, but harmonize your body and rebalance as needed.

Rebalance Your Figure

To have a look at the top must play on volumes, which in the case of heavy hips, are preferred at the bust or ankles.
“How ankles?” some might ask! We speak here of the famous bootcut jeans! Far from being an obligation when we have strong hips, it is still a sacred asset to rebalance the whole bringing the volume to the lower body. The hips seem narrower than well if you wear skinny jeans for example.
When it comes to bringing enhance the volume to the bust, several options are available to you. First, bring the volume to the proper sense with such a top cowl neck, shoulder, draped, fringes, ruffles, or even printed, etc.
But you can also play on the cut of your top. The thin straps, Bardot neckline or American armholes give the illusion of wider shoulders.

Harmonize Your Figure

For this course you can cheat a little by using the shape wear will smooth your curves to sublimate.
The other trick is to choose cuts flared clothing. But flared does not mean too broad or else watch the sac indeed!
For example, a top a little longer on the sides will erase hips.
A trapeze dress will do the same at the top with large tights opaque and wide calf boots for this winter.
As for the wrap dress/cache-heart is the perfect ally round silhouettes! It puts the value emphasizing the bust while erasing belly and hips thanks to its slightly flared cut. We love !
With our tips not complexez on your wide hips, with the right clothing you will be sublime!