How to Dress When You Are Short?

How to satisfy her fashion cravings when you’re far from having long legs? A short guide to highlight his (small) morphology.
Dress when one is small, a galley? Not necessarily. Just follow some tips and common sense rules that summarizes you right here.
1. Wear Heels 
A board that seems simple and obvious, but still deserves its place at the top of the list. Do not hesitate to get high since winning a few centimeters, you also refine your silhouette. Be careful with too high heels, which can quickly become vulgar. The anti-heels can fall back on derbies to platforms.

2. Prioritise Clothes Close to the Body
Ideally, we should banish from his dressing baggy and flared parts. Far from flattering fit, they help to widen and increase tenfold the forms even if you have little.
3. Choosing the Right Jeans
Jeans slim refine and extend the leg, unlike the baggy pants that bunched the silhouette. The boot cut jeans are recommended provided they wear heels, however the low waist jeans option is to rule absolutely.
4. Use of Bent Clothes
Pants, skirts and shorts tall and bent you will appear taller, a bit like magic.
5. Have the Reflex “belt”
Restraining her look for better structure. Blazers, tops and small dresses arched will do nicely.
6. Prefer Short Clothes
Short clothes are your best allies. Choose jackets and short coats that do not hide the buttocks: they give the impression that the legs are slightly more elongated, unlike the long coats that further emphasize the small sizes. The  crop top is also one of your best allies. With its ultra-short cut, it can cheat a little on the height, especially when worn with a skirt or shorts high waist. Skirts and  dresses  short: those who are small have an advantage in that direction, because they can use their size to wear short clothes without overdoing it. An optical effect allows longer legs at the same time.
7. Select the Right Stripes
The vertical stripes yes, not horizontal stripes! The optical illusion thanks to the vertical lines is very effective.
8. Raising His Robes
No way to give up the robes! Cinched waist high and preferably, ensure that it covers the ankles and is worn with accessories ultra feminine.
9. Draw Attention to Other Details as the Size
Printed lace epaulettes, long scarf jackets, colorful pieces or neon sunglasses … Not all at once, of course. We do not skimp on accessories: feminine and stylish, however they should not be too big. If you view with a huge bag, you might look twice smaller next!
10. Respect Certain Color Harmony
If the color of top and bottom form a contrast too big, it will emphasize your small. The color is also advise you to give your best with that of your  shoes, guaranteed!