How to Dress in Black?

Mysterious, sophisticated and glamorous, black has become a staple of seduction. Often reserved for winter fashion, this “color” is also doing very well in the summer, with small touches. Black clothes or linen, accessories and dark makeup, here are some of their little secrets revealed …

Clothing: the First Little Black Dress

The first “little black dress” is designed by Coco Chanel in 1926. “Mademoiselle” upsets the codes using black, previously reserved mourning. This first model is simple, in line with the boyish style that made its success: cutting sheath, no collar, 3/4 sleeves. The designer also surprises in accessorizing the dress with fake jewelry spectacular. A look is born! The black dress is a must, glamorous like Rita Hayworth in cracked black sheath in “Gilda” sensual as Anita Ekberg bathing with her black dress in “La Dolce Vita” … Since then, not a fashion designer or a ready-to brand -wear that has in each collection “his” little black dress.

Black Clothing: Lingerie

According to historian Farid Chenoune, processing below tells the empowerment of women. In ancient times, fashion is androgynous (go to Greek women wrap strips to flatten their breasts. In the sixteenth century, the corset stiffened with wooden blades, symbolizing the “righteousness” of soul … In the nineteenth, the corset is a wasp waist, ultimate seduction at the time, more than the chest! Early twentieth, the body is released with the invention of the bra by Mary Jacob in 1913. In the 1930s, the bra provides various caps and elastic straps for comfort. The Scandal brand, created in 1933, caused a sensation with its bold posters of women in their black below. Finally, in 1980, the linen enters the world of fashion with Chantal Thomass, the queen of “chic black,” which advocates claimed seduction, and still relevant!

As for Accessories … Sunglasses

It is said that Nero watched the gladiator fights through an emerald to protect themselves from the sun … Chic but cheap! For a long time it was unclear sun damage to eyes. It was by chance, trying to correct visual defects, the scientific Ayscough imagine in 1753 stained glass spectacles. Not until 1929 to see the first solar, USA. The US military the plebiscite. In 1944, at the Liberation, the Europeans are enthusiastic about the GIs, their chewing gum … and their sunglasses! This accessory becomes “fashion” in the 1960s, when the public admire the stars of the nose as Ava Gardner and Grace Kelly …

Kohl Makeup Side …

If beauty is eternal, kohl is an ancient beauty accessory, come from ancient Egypt … It is a very fine powder, made by grinding cloves, peppercorns and antimony. To protect against attacks sand is added rosewood, anti-infectives. Thus the khol has two functions: protect the eyes and give depth to the look. Women and men wear around the eyes and eyebrows. Cleopatra is said that Julius Caesar had subjugated by her mysterious look, highlighted with a touch of kohl on the upper eyelid and a sea green tip on the lower eyelid. Would the face of the world changed if Kohl had not existed? The story does not say, but kohl makeup remains a must!
Black clothes and linen, accessories, makeup … you play with the black total look or in small steps! To try to seduce!