How to Dress at the Beginning of Pregnancy

I’m lucky, I’m part of women who love being pregnant, as I’m never sick, and I like that everyone is caring for me. What I like also is to have new clothes. With a few girlfriends, we exchange our clothing as it does for a few months. It’s nice because it allows for a nice wardrobe by buying only a few coins. In addition, there are nice surprises because we don’t necessarily frequent the same stores and we would have can be not dared to buy some clothes.

Before waiting my 1st baby, I like picture of pregnant woman in dresses dated simple who had women more than other things. But I changed my mind since then. I discovered stores and the rays of mothers-to-be who are full of treasures. Of course, the clothes will never be the same when we don’t have a big belly but nonetheless we can sexy pretty or even while pregnant when choosing his clothes well. There is everything, even the slims and jean’s.
Today I will tell you about pregnancy dresses and how well to choose according to me. For starters, you get in mind that you should not take something that brand size since you have more size, that makes sense. Then, what can we highlight when it is pregnant? The tummy of course, as you can see and nice chest of the future mother and why not the legs when they are not inflated.
Therefore, according me dresses ras neck or with a little cleavage, not too much anyway, and who shake just under the chest.
This dress with a flared cut for example is just sublime and looks comfortable. The small thin belt under the chest showcases the top but also the slightly rounded belly. The length above the knee to show legs, if yours are still good and not too swollen.
Here’s a second fluid pregnancy with a flared dress and a big black leather knotted just under the chest belt. I think she’s really beautiful. I also love U collar that highlights even more the chest without being vulgar. It can be worn for evening for lovers for example outings.
Another alternative is the dress with pleats and serves just under the belly. It is especially well suited in early pregnancy and can accompany the mother-to-be virtually throughout. She is really comfortable too.
If you don’t like the not clothes that shake neither above nor below the belly, please, don’t buy not any simple dresses that you age or dress for no pregnant woman but with 2 sizes, no no especially not that.Take one as pictured above. The printed fabric is just beautiful and the pleats enhance the dress and forms loosely. Plus she’s long ankle so it is perfect to hide the legs a little swollen for some mothers.
For women who love the Slinky dresses, here is a very chic and sexy with a somewhat thick fabrics and a graphic print on a bright blue. A small discreet belt tightens under the chest, some folds at the collar and belt highlight the top and the dress falls down tight on the bottom. She arrives at the level of the knees, which allows to move easily.
So that’s my selection of pregnancy dress that you can decorate headband of pregnancy. To brighten up the whole, don’t forget the accessories and jewelry. Do not take things that shake like the rings but the bracelets and long necklaces will be beautiful on these dresses. When you’re pregnant, it must protect themselves from the Sun for not having a mask of pregnancy because our skin is more fragile and the hormones play us tricks, so enjoy for a good chic hat with your pretty dress.