How to Do Halloween Cat Makeup

Looking for a last minute make-up for Halloween? Here are two cat’s tricks very simple and quick to create and inspire you to be beautiful and special Halloween makeup without spending too much to dress up!
Halloween is the most eccentric costumes that door and we women think about that trick achieve.
Today we see two options to a cat’s trick, the first prettiest and sexy, the second a little ‘more frightening.

1. Make sexy cat

When you realize the very obvious or complex tricks you should always use a primer to prevent the trick coli or does not remain in its place, in this case, apply it all over your face.
After the primer applied to the base, spread your foundation with a brush or a beauty blender. Then move to light concealer, you’ll have to put it under the eyes, eyelids, upper lip and chin. After applying the concealer sfumatelo and spread it with a beauty blender, light concealer will serve as a basis for enlightening.
After applying the concealer and nuanced passed to the contouring, use a concealer two shades darker than your skin: for this trick used cream products. Roll out the dark checker at the sides of the forehead, cheekbones and the jaw. Pour all again with a beauty blender. After nuanced take a darker foundation of your skin and rehearse where you did contouring. The foundation will give a warmer tone to the skin and the effect will be much nicer than what you would get by using only the concealer. Even the always nuanced foundation using a beauty blender.
Now you can take a white foundation or a very light concealer and draw an inverted triangle under the eyes and fill it, the result must be an extreme highlighting. The same will also apply foundation on the chin and upper lip. After that blended the product with your fingers to not move too much. At this point the base face is over and can apply the powder to secure it.
Now the sides of the nose draw two lines with a dark earth as if you wanted to do contouring but not sfumatele. Take them up and draw a line that goes directly to the eyelids. Blurred the lines with brown eyeshadow even going to the eyelids.
Let’s move the eyes: apply a warm brown eyeshadow on the crease and sfumatelo outward and upward. Outer corner of the eye apply a black eyeshadow and sfumatelo outward and upward, then sfumatelo with brown eyeshadow. Continue to apply layers of brown and black eyeshadow until you are satisfied with the result. The eye should be stretched out.
On the eyelid and the inner corner apply a beige color that will enlighten it. With the eyeliner then head to draw a cat eye of course, but much more exaggerated as you would normally. Under the eye applied the same brown eyeshadow and sfumatelo, in the shaded inner eye shadow down to change the shape of your eyes. In the inner corner of the eye and internal rhyme applied a pencil flesh color that will go to enlarge the eyes. Apply mascara or false eyelashes, eyelashes and filled pettinatele upwards.
Now colored the tip of your nose with the same dark checker and sfumatela, above the concealer applied eyeshadow brown. Above the brown draw a black line with the eyeliner as create a border.
On the bow of Cupid draw a straight line brown, and then sfumatela ridisegnatela with a black eye shadow. With a brown pencil and draw dots on either side of the line you just drew on the mouth.
With a champagne-colored pencil, fill in the contours of the mouth and edges of the drawn lines that go up to make it look wider than your mouth. Colored contours and mouth and ripassateli with a burgundy-colored pencil to give it more depth. Your look is now finished!

2. Make Cheshire

This alternative is a bit ‘more frightening and Halloween-themed but it is still sexy and very intriguing. It is the trick of Cheshire Cat, or the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.
Again use the primer and roll out the foundation. Also why the ‘trick lighting must be exaggerated. Apply it to the center of the face, that is the center of the nose, in the central part of the forehead, under the eyes, on the bow of Cupid and chin and blend thoroughly.
We then go to the eyes: you spread a purple eye shadow on the eyelid, then apply a slightly darker shimmer eye shadow in the crease and outward, almost up to the eyebrows.
Fill the eyebrows and allungatele outward using the first purple eye shadow that you have lying on the eyelid. With a lilac eye shadow and fill the initial part of the eyebrows and create a line that connect the nose and head down the sides of the nose. With a colorful pink eyeshadow the part that goes from the lines at the sides of the nose to the eyelids and blend. Under the eyebrows applied an enlightening to make them stand out more.
With a purple pencil go further define the lines that connect the nose to the eyebrows. Now draw a cut crease very obvious with the same purple pencil, blurred the line down. With an eyeliner draw a black cat eye and draw a line that goes down in the eye internal rhyme. Under the eye draw a line with the eyeliner but will stop in mid-eye. Apply a purple mascara or false eyelashes.
Now for the mouth drawn with eyeliner mouth of elongated Cheshire Cat to the outside and a bit ‘at a time drawn inside of triangles that will be the teeth. With a black colored pencil drawing leaving empty only the teeth. With a very clear eye shadow or concealer go to color your teeth. Then with an eyeliner redrawn the contours of the teeth. On the corners of the mouth instead drawn a kind of curl that will give an air a little ‘twisted mouth. With the same black colored eyeliner tip of the nose. Once the eyeliner is dry run across the purple eyeshadow.
On the corners of the mouth shaded white eyeshadow that will make her stand out even more. Above the white then faded purple that will give contrast and dimension. The edges of the forehead and cheekbones shaded purple eyeshadow like a contouring. With pink eyeshadow then faded all the areas that have darkened, the only parts on which you will not blend the eyeshadow are the center of the forehead, the area under the eyes and nose or center.
To complete both look apply a circle with the cat’s ears.