How to Do French Nail Art at Home

The francesinhas nails is a style adopted for a long time among women and we can also say that it is a style type adopted, it can adapt to all situations that women face in their day to day, for example: a little French nail with white tip is a true classic and can be very well used in a corporate environment, being discreet and subtle and at the same time very feminine.
This style has many variations, but never loses its essence. The last most significant change was reversed to francesinha where the nail bed gained a more different color than the rest. However, this style did not have much success and the original francesinha with the tip of different color nail is what really makes the head of women.
To make francesinha nail a lot of manual skill is not necessary, because this style does not require features and designs on the nail, is a style clean and can easily be done at home, while respecting the following steps:

  1. Prepare the nails: cut, remove cuticles and sand;
  2. Spend a colorless base nail and let it dry;
  3. After drying the base pass a layer of transparent white nail polish and let dry again;
  4. After drying it is time to have a steady hand and pass the tip of the white enamel to brush the glaze on the nail tip respecting its format;
  5. If you do not like the tip of your nail white Frenchie, you can choose another color.

There are some tips not to miss during making francesinha nail and they are:

  • Use stickers to mark the end of nails, which helps a lot who do not have a steady hand to draw the characteristic white feature of francesinha nail;
  • If you do not find the stickers, no problem, you can use the back of the thumb to the tip of the trace of nails, it is not very straight, but it is an alternative tip to the adhesive mentioned above;
  • Longer and fine brushes, those used for painting, can also be an alternative for the more straight trace, since the long hand brush will have more firmness in handling it.

A very important tip for francesinha nail lasting longer is to make colorless base after the nail, thus they last much longer.
In addition to the nail inverted francesinha which has been mentioned above, the oval francesinha nail is also a strong tendency for those who are not used to this new format which does not need to leave the tip of totally sharp nails, just let a little rounded to get acquainted with style. Another trend that can be seen is the change in the combination of colors of this nail summer, there is a tendency to keep the transparent white at the base and end up playing with a variety of colors, choose different and innovative colors and set up a francesinha nail different from the traditional.
That francesinha nail is the ” darling ” of women, we already know, it recently won a new reading that is to give a new version of the style we already know, the new call francesinha brings a  embossed francesinha nail version, providing the women with a 3D effect of your nails. And with that, a question is asked: What do you affect 3D nail?
The 3D effect of the new francesinha nail is located at the tips of the nails, where after making the nail with the traditional way, we put little balls at the tips of the nails with the wet glaze, these balls should be placed one by one to provide the 3D effect (texture) of the new francesinha call.
It is not mandatory to use only balls to make the new Frenchie, you can opt for another type of figure, for example, stars. The important thing in the new francesinha composition is to innovate, both in color enamel and in the choice of texture at the tip of the nail. However, depending on the environment where the person work, you have to study whether the adoption of this look would be appropriate or not, for example, for many formal environments, the most appropriate is the adoption of traditional French girl.
The francesinha nail as any style goes through many changes during its existence, as many enamels and accessories for the nails are invented over time. However, this style has survived for many years, experienced variations, but always present in the daily life of women. So we say francesinha nail the ” darling ” of women.