How to Do a Self Makeup

All women do self makeup without even realizing it, although it is a basic attitude that goes so unnoticed.
Before leaving we spent a single compact and lipstick, or also do a make over produced for a special occasion.


Self makeup is the technique of makeup itself. How does makeup have become so common and constant? Some beauty companies invest in self makeup courses.
Can you imagine if every makeup we did, we had to pay someone to do them?
And if we do this so constantly, it created the ability to make our way without even realizing it. Why not improve? Is it something we do every day?
This is one of the proposals of self makeup. You can produce a more effective way.
When you see beautiful results you own, their self-esteem rises and is no longer the makeup itself that makes you safer, more beautiful and confident, but the fact that you are able to perform any thing. And perform even better after improving.
When self gloss you can discover secrets of looks, create looks appropriate for every situation, create harmony with your outfit or your mood, properly apply each product to highlight the strengths of your face, among other tricks, and still have the opportunity in your hands to feel beautiful every day.


In every way self makeup is in your hands. Nowadays with easy access to content on the Internet, anyone can get makeup courses that are offered at a distance or can simply attend classes online. I’ll explain.
If you have easy access to internet, you can access to the YouTube site and search for tips on makeup and video classes.
You can look at sites or even on Google Images, makeup photos for various occasions to get inspired and try to play.
But if you want to search for something more professional to specialize further, there are some courses available both in person and the distance.


The famous makeup brand, offers great makeup courses with a team expert selected and trained so you feel credibility to opt for brand services.
In own brand site you can search for the nearest store to sign up for courses, plus all the convenience to choose whether at a beginner or more advanced level.
On the website Education Portal you have the option to take an online course of self makeup that “offers the participant knowledge about the history of makeup, self makeup techniques, materials used in makeup and more.”
The self makeup courses are not hard to find. Generally cosmetic stores, salons or specialized networks make, as the Apothecary, Mary Kay and itself offer the courses. Depending on the chosen level, they can last from 1 hour to several days.
The site here is also a great choice to make distance learning courses because the courses available in it are recognized by ABED (Distance Learning Brazilian Association).
The advantage of doing a course of self makeup is to know how to use the proper techniques themselves for your skin type, your face shape and for what purpose you want to achieve, always watching their details. It is an investment that brings returns for it, which will bring well-being, self-esteem, self-fulfillment, self-knowledge and facilities when carrying out a makeup unerringly the items or colors if you want a simpler makeup, more elaborate, using the colors certain without causing disharmony and exaggerations.
For self makeup, there are disadvantages. What we call drawback is that to choose for some online courses. Many of them contain materials and information that we can find for free on the Internet.
And a lot of them do not make the material available, which will not be efficient to follow the course through the Internet without being able to practice in itself.
In establishments already it makes, it is easy to have the accompaniment of a professional who can answer your questions at the right time for having materials where you can put into practice and the techniques on the learning time and to be in an inspiring environment, which can motivate you to continue.